Rowan Wants To Stay Positive Following WWE Release

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Rowan Wants To Stay Positive Following WWE Release

erick rowan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Many of the names in WWE’s recent cuts were those who weren’t being regularly used on television. Rowan is an exception to that, featuring on RAW weekly in the pre-Coronavirus world. Granted, he was in an angle that eventually involved a rubber Haloween spider, but he was on television.

Following his release, Rowan hasn’t released any flashy vignettes or vowed to return to the ring with a vengeance. Instead, he’s mostly stayed quiet, and he explained why when he was a guest on the Fueled by Death Cast. Simply put, in a world in crisis because of a virus, Rowan doesn’t want to put out more negativity.

That’s just negative energy and you don’t need to feed a negative situation with more negativity. That’s just not good for anybody. You need to stay positive, put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving.

The big man makes it clear that he doesn’t hold ill will towards WWE either, saying that he appreciated the opportunity to let fans vent through his often villainous character. He seems overjoyed that he could evoke emotions in fans, and here’s hoping that he’ll get the chance to do it again sometime down the road.

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