Roman Reigns Wants To Face The Fiend Rather Than Goldberg At WrestleMania

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Roman Reigns Wants To Face The Fiend Rather Than Goldberg At WrestleMania

Photo Credit: WWE

During a WWE event to announce WrestleMania Hollywood yesterday, Roman Reigns gave a brief press conference to a handful of media members on site. During the discussion, Reigns was asked who he would prefer to face for the WWE Universal Championship, between Goldberg and The Fiend. Reigns has a choice, but just wants his belt.

“I just want my title, to be honest,” he said. “Nobody took that title from me, I had to relinquish it due to circumstances, so I just prefer my title. From a completely honest standpoint, I would much rather face The Fiend, he’s busted his ass all year long for it. No offense to Goldberg, I think he’s a great performer, he’s a great superstar, but I’m into the future right now, and helping out the guys in the locker room with me, and there’s no doubt The Fiend has put a lot of work into what he’s done.”

From the sounds of it, Reigns would much rather see The Fiend continue to defend his title until WrestleMania, but in all likelihood, he would just like a shot at getting his belt back more than anything. Luckily for him, he’ll have that when once WrestleMania 37 arrives.

#WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was asked if he would rather face Goldberg or Bray Wyatt “The Fiend” at Wrestlemania if he wins the Elimination Chamber match. He said would rather face The Fiend.

— Fernando Ramirez (@RealFRamirez) February 11, 2020