Roman Reigns Sees Himself As His Biggest Competition, Feels Like No One Can Touch Him Right Now

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Roman Reigns Sees Himself As His Biggest Competition, Feels Like No One Can Touch Him Right Now

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Photo Credit: WWE

The Head Of The Table feels like he’s untouchable right now.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns recently spoke with Graham GSM Matthews of Bleacher Report and talked about how he doesn’t see anyone else being able to touch him right now because he’s so dialed in right now.

“It’s almost like a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder at this point where it’s like I don’t even look at anybody else on stage. I’m just competing with myself,” Reigns said. “At this point, everybody is gunning for me and I’m doing the same thing. I’m gunning to better myself every single day, whether it’s the time I have on camera or the time I have alone in my gym grinding it out. Obviously, for me, it takes some really good dance partners in there and some great competition and some good opponents, but I feel like for me to capitalize on my potential, I have to be fully focused.”

A major reason why Reigns has been lighting the wrestling world on fire lately is that he’s completely invested in everything he’s doing. From the get-go, he was adamant about taking this character to new heights and so far it has paid off. Reigns has always been WWE’s ultimate workhorse, but it’s more apparent than ever before that he’s enjoying what he’s doing and wants to make it as perfect as possible. Regardless of who challenges him for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania, he will be ready to bring his best.

“As long as I’m fully focused and I’m all in and I’m connected to what I’m doing and I’m in the skin of this Head of the Table character, I feel like nobody can touch me,” he said. “That’s how laser-focused I am when I step into my element on Fridays or Sundays, what have you.

“For years now, I’ve always been this way. You don’t turn this job off, but I’m finally getting to the point where all the sweat and tears are adding up and it’s kind of coming to fruition right now.

“It’s happening and it’s natural and it’s organic,” he continued. “That’s the island of relevancy. It doesn’t matter who. Give me another half of a tag team. Put Apollo Crews in the ring with me. It doesn’t matter who it is at this point. I will make them special because that’s how committed and how much belief I have in what I’m doing right now.”

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