Roman Reigns On Who Has Stepped Up During The Pandemic, Why He Returned

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Roman Reigns On Who Has Stepped Up During The Pandemic, Why He Returned

Photo Credit: WWE

The return of Roman Reigns has been the only thing mostly any WWE fan can talk about recently, and with his big WWE Universal Championship defense at Clash of Champions, Reigns looks ready to dominate for some time. According to him, one of the biggest reasons he returned to the ring was simply because no other superstar stepped up in his place.

Speaking on After the Bell with Corey Graves last week, Reigns said that while many want to be the top guy in the company, they aren’t willing to work as hard as he is for it. “I think there are some people who are showing some glimmers, but as far as – the people who are doing good now? They were doing good before I left,” he said (transcription via Cageside Seat’s Sean Rueter). “Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins – actually, Drew [McIntyre]’s stepped up. He’s done – I couldn’t imagine this being my opening title run, to have deal with it through a pandemic. So a lot of respect out to Drew. Randy’s always been Randy. He seems like he’s a little less lethargic, and he’s got a little pep to his step and he’s enjoying himself. That’s always been a thing for Randy; if Randy’s having fun, it translates. If he’s not [laughs] you can definitely see when he’s not. He doesn’t care. If he’s not into it, you’re gonna kind of see it. But he seems like he’s into what he’s doing. Someone like Keith Lee. I was in there at Survivor Series with him this past year, so I kinda already knew what it was gonna be with him, and I felt him, and I felt his presence out there, so I had a general idea that he’s legit.”

Reigns went on to say that John Cena had said similar things when he was still wrestling with the company, and that in order for Reigns to leave similarly to Cena, someone else has to come in and maintain the responsibility of being on top, but he won’t just give it to them. ““When they are doing their job is when I won’t have to do mine anymore. Just like – John said the same thing to me in one of his promos, you know? And we haven’t seen him in a while, right? And we don’t rarely see him, and when he does, it’s just kind of what he does and he’s gone. In order for me to leave, someone has to really come and hold it down. In order for me to go do whatever I want to do after this? Someone has to be able to show they can maintain and handle the responsibility to where I’m not needed. As long as I’m needed, as long as this company needs me, I’m gonna be here. But somebody’s gotta step and up and do that. And we have guys who can be there, they just haven’t gotten themselves there yet. And I’ll help ‘em as much as possible, but I’m not going to give it to you. You’re gonna have to pry it from these cold, dead hands [laughs], from this kung fu grip. They’re gonna have to take it from me, man…”

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