Roman Reigns On His Road To WrestleMania Plans & Drew McIntyre’s ‘Clutch Performance’ At Royal Rumble

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Roman Reigns On His Road To WrestleMania Plans & Drew McIntyre’s ‘Clutch Performance’ At Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns

Photo by Ron ElkmanSports Imagery/Getty Images

Matt Camp of WWE caught up with Roman Reigns during Super Saturday Night right before Sunday’s big game and “The Big Dog” shared in his experience at being on the other side of the microphone asking the questions instead of answering them. “It’s different on being on that side of it,” Roman said. “I’m used to being the interviewee it was a nice change and it was a good learning curve.”

Someone Roman did get to speak to during Super Bowl week was tight end George Kittle, who happens to be a humongous wrestling fan. Roman detailed a little bit of that experience of being caught in the interview scrum for “The People’s Tight End”:

“It was awesome, man. I could just see, he was busy, he was talking all these questions and when he saw me he was just, ‘Relax.’ It was funny, he just shot at me real quick and then he came back and said what’s up so it was great because his energy, his love for wrestling, for sports entertainment, it’s well known, but just seeing him it’s really cool to be able to kind of put that familiar face to the name and just to see him, you know, in person.”

As for looking down the road to WrestleMania, Roman does have his eye on one particular prize, but was sure to give Drew McIntyre his due in his Royal Rumble victory:

“Well I mean, you gotta give a lot of respect to Drew, he capitalized, it was a pretty clutch performance on his behalf, but he chose Brock. So that leaves an opening for the Universal Championship so I think that’s going to make SmackDown on Friday nights very interesting because we have a lot of stories to tell and we got to get to that point so there can be a lot that can go down in the next couple months.”

(Transcription creddit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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