Roman Reigns: ‘John Cena Changed The Whole Game’

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Roman Reigns: ‘John Cena Changed The Whole Game’

Photo Credit: WWE

Talking about the current WWE roster on the latest edition of After the Bell, Roman Reigns spoke about how he feels that there are plenty of wrestlers behind the curtain at WWE just waiting for the stars to align. “I really think we have a locker room full of guys that are just a step or two away. They just need a little bit of time to shine, a little bit of investment.”

WWE has famously had trouble producing new stars in the vein of John Cena since his departure from full in-ring competition, and Roman acknowledges that.

We can’t just go out there and have one good month or one good year. In this day and age, your run has to be pretty significant to really make waves. John Cena changed that whole game for us. It was a lot different for Rock and Steve. They did their thing and it seemed like a transition into the next guy.

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