Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan Beat Erick Rowan And Luke Harper In Competitive Match

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Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan Beat Erick Rowan And Luke Harper In Competitive Matchroman reigns

For months, Erick Rowan has made Roman Reigns’ life miserable. Their rivalry has evolved into a conflict that also involves Luke Harper and Daniel Bryan. At WWE Hell in a Cell, the team of Rowan and Harper faced Bryan and Reigns in a tornado tag team match. After a competitive match, Bryan and Reigns won when the Big Dog speared Harper.


— WWE (@WWE) October 6, 2019

The match quickly broke into a brawl. Reigns and Rowan faced off by themselves until Harper tipped the scales in his partner’s favor. The big men ganged up on Reigns. Rowan trucked over Reigns at ringside and hit him with the steel steps. Harper and Rowan dominated Bryan for a few minutes but Reigns evened the odds.

What did we tell ya? #HIAC

— WWE (@WWE) October 6, 2019

Bryan persevered but Harper still maintained control until Reigns reentered the match. The Big Dog dropped Harper with a clothesline. Bryan hit Harper with some kicks and Reigns hit Rowan with a Drive-by. Harper hit Reigns with a dive to the outside and hit his head on the announce table. Rowan and Harper slammed Bryan onto the apron. Rowan then slammed Harper onto Reigns. A brutal shot with a piece from the barricade sent Reigns tumbling into the crowd. Bryan hit a hurricanrana on Harper off the announce table and Reigns speared Rowan through the announce table. A powerbomb off the top earned Harper a near fall. Harper planted Bryan again with a dragon suplex but Reigns hit Harper with a Superman Punch and a Spear for the win.

After the match, Bryan extended his hand but walked away when Reigns tried to shake it. Bryan posed to the crowd, started a Yes! Chant and the two men hugged.

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