ROH Wrestling Results (9/28/20): Josh Woods vs. Kenny King

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ROH Wrestling Results (9/28/20): Josh Woods vs. Kenny King

ROH Ring Of Honor

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ROH Wrestling Results

Aired September 28, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers to the show and recaps the beginning of the ROH Pure Championship Tournament. In a post-match interview, David Finlay Jr. says he’s feeling good about his chances to win the tournament. He says he plans to beat Jay Lethal, plain and simple. In his post-match interview, Matt Sydal says he was feeling high on life after his win. He says he’s honored to get the chance to face Jonathan Gresham.

In a video package, Fred Yehi recaps his background and his wrestling career. He says he’s always wanted to be a wrestler, and the dream saved him from following a dangerous path. Yehi describes his amateur wrestling background. He says his style is based on brutality, not technique. He points to Low Ki’s physical toughness as an example. He says he plans to show how savage he is against Silas Young.

In a video package, Young describes his background and his experience working with Ring of Honor icons. He says he’s worked his way to the tops. Young says he’s been training so he has added some new elements to his arsenal. He says he has the home field advantage. “This tournament is mine,” Young says.



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ROH Pure Championship Tournament: Fred Yehi vs. Silas Young

Both men feel each other out to begin the match. Young slaps Yehi in the face. The two competitors exchange technical holds. Young grounds Yehi, but the Ring of Honor newcomer whips Young’s leg into the mat. Young locks in a modified Boston Crab, but Yehi escapes. Yehi locks in a standing Indian death lock, and Young uses his first rope break. Youung targets Yehi’s back with some suplexes. They trade stiff chops and Yehi hits some thunderous knee attacks. Yehi stomps Young’s hand and snaps it onto the mat.

A backhand floors Young and Yehi locks in a Koji Clutch, but Young rolls out of it. Young rocks Yehi with a big boot in the corner and plants him with a tornado DDT off the second rope. Yehi hits a German suplex and a cannonball. Young plants Yehi with a superplex and an Anarchist suplex. Yehi rolls Young up for a two count. Young hits the Milwaukee Plunge, but Yehi dodges a moonsault. He rolls Young up for the win.

Winner: Fred Yehi

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