ROH Wrestling Results (9/28/19): Cobb vs. Lethal vs. Taven vs. King

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ROH Wrestling Results (9/28/19): Cobb vs. Lethal vs. Taven vs. KingROH / Ring of Honor Logo

ROH Wrestling Results

Aired September 28, 2019

Report by Colin Tessier for

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A video package recaps RUSH pinning Shane Taylor in the All-Stars vs. Champions match at Ring of Honor Saturday Night at Center Stage.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome viewers to the show and preview the card.

A video package shows part of the match between Shinobi Shadow Squad and Felino, Okumura and Silas Young from ROH Saturday Night at Center Stage. Several of the superstars get taken out with a superplex/powerbomb combination. Felino powerbombs Ryan Nova off the top rope for the win. After the match, Young asks Josh Woods if he’s learned anything from him. Woods promptly attacks Okumura and Felino. Backstage, Woods and Young review Woods’ “notes.”

The Soldiers of Savagery rapidly defeat two local competitors.

Riccaboni and McKay briefly preview Ring of Honor Glory by Honor. Backstage, Cobb says he wants another shot at Matt Taven, which is why he’ll win the Defy or Deny match.

Master & Machine (Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross) vs. the Tate Twins (Brandon Tate and Brent Tate)

The Tate Twins, the former Boys, come out dressed like superheroes. Kross and Brent start the match and exchange technical holds. Brandon tags in and takes Kross down with a springboard crossbody. The Tate Twins double-team Kross. Brent hits a monkey flip on Kross but Kross rallies and takes down both men with a dropkick. Garrison tags in and drops one Tate with a spinebuster and the other with a backbreaker. Garrison hits a splash on both Tates in the corner and spears Brandon for a near fall. Kross hits Brandon with a palm strike to the abdomen and hits Brent with a springboard kick. The Tates hit Kross with a double-team facebuster for the win.

Winner: the Tate Twins


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