ROH Wrestling Results (8/23/21): Demonic Flamita vs. Rey Horus

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ROH Wrestling Results (8/23/21): Demonic Flamita vs. Rey Horus

ring of honor

ROH Wrestling Results
Originally aired August 20, 2021
Report by Colin Tessier for

The show begins with a recap of last wek’s Champions vs. All-Stars main event, which ended with Flip Gordon pinning Homicide.

Ian Riccaboni welcomes viewers and previews the show.

ROH Women’s Championship Tournament: Rok-C vs. Quinn McKay

Before the match, Rok-C and McKay are briefly interviewed together, and McKay takes exception to the idea that Rok-C wanted to face her. She shares her belief that Rok-C made a mistake by underestimating her.

McKay and Rok-C shake hands once the match begins. They exchange technical holds and feel each other out. McKay takes Rok-C down to the mat, but “The Prodigy” returns the favor. Rok-C escapes a leg-scissors hold and drops McKay with a shoulder block. She hits a knee-first moonsault for a two count. McKay gets a two count with an innovative pin attempt. “The Prodigy” hits an acrobatic wrist-lack takeover. Both women kip up at the same time.

After a commercial, McKay tweaks her knee, but she perseveres. Rok-C drops her with a knee-breaker and chops her in the corner. A suplex gets Rok-C a two count. Rok-C counters the Tangerine Dream and sends McKay crashing to the mat. “The Prodigy” counters McKay’s signature submission again, but McKay blocks a side Russian Legsweep. A neckbreaker earns McKay a two count.

McKay slams Rok-C to the mat and plants her with a neckbreaker. She tries to lift Rok-C, but her knee gives out, and Rok-C hits the Code Red for the win. She advances in the tournament, and she will face the winner of Angelina Love vs. Max The Impaler.

Winner: Rok-C

ROHSTRONG PODCAST EPISODE 71: talks about competing in the Quest For Gold Tournament; having to grow up fast while living in Southeast D.C.; training at the Team 3D Academy and much more.

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 23, 2021

ROH Women’s Championship Tournament: Miranda Alize vs. Nicole Savoy

In a pre-match promo, Alize says that in the first round, she proved that she’s the best this tournament. “The Lucha Baddie” states that she’s coming for everything she deserves. On the other hand, Savoy says she goes way back with Alize, but this match isn’t about their friendship; it’s about the championship.

Alize and Savoy lock up and exchange technical holds. Savoy traps Alize in a Hammer lock and bridges it, but Alize escapes. “The Lucha Baddie” wrenches Savoy’s arm and bites her hand. Savoy gets a two count with an early pin attempt, and Alize gets one of her own. They trade pin attempts again, and the match is a stalemate. Alize drops Savoy with a hurricanrana and dives her crashing to the floor with a dropkick.

Savoy fires back with a suplex on the floor. Alize takes control back inside the ring, but Savoy rallies. She gets a two count with a sliding clothesline. Savoy and Alize are both down, and they trade blows once they get back to their feet. Savoy plants Alize with three butterfly suplexes and catches her in an arm-bar. Alize locks in a Crossface, but Savoy escapes. She slams Alize to the mat for a two count.

Alize catches Savoy with a stiff kick and drops her with a DDT off the second rope. She nails Savoy with a Drive-by kick for the victory. She advances in the tournament, and she will face the winner of of Allysin Kay vs. Trish Adora.

Winner: Miranda Alize

Backstage, The Bouncers say the locker room laughed at them, but they don’t care what people think about them anymore. They say they’re better than ever since they added Ken Dixon to the group. Brian Milonas says Dixon has to earn his place around here, and he argues with the new member. Beer City Bruiser defuses the situation by telling them that nobody can stop them when they’re on the same page.

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