ROH Wrestling Results (8/2/21): Women’s Title Tournament Begins

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ROH Wrestling Results (8/2/21): Women’s Title Tournament Begins

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ROH Wrestling Results
Originally aired August 2, 2021
Report by Colin Tessier for

The show starts with a clip from ROH Best in the World, where Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Lenny Leonard discussed the tournament and revealed the title. Chelsea Green then made her debut and made it clear that she’s here to do everything they should she couldn’t do in her previous place of employment.

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers, previews the show and discusses the bracket of the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament. She thanks fans for voting her into the tournament and vows that she’ll do her best not to let them down.

💢ROH returns to Lakeland, Florida for Death Before Dishonor PPV at RP Funding Center on Sunday, Sept. 12.💢

History will be made that night, as ROH crowns a new women’s world champion in the Quest for Gold tournament final. 🏆


— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) August 2, 2021

ROH Women’s Championship Tournament: “The Lucha Baddie” Miranda Alize vs. Alex Gracia

Before the match, Alize and Gracia cut promos and discuss their backgrounds. Alize says Gracia is one of her best friends, and they know everything about each other as competitors. Alize states that her confidence level is much higher than Gracia’s, but the latter is determined to emerge victorious.

Early on in the bout, Gracia and Alize feel each other out. The two women are evenly matched, and they match each other step for step. The two competitors hit an arm drag on each other, and a dropkick sends Alize to the outside. Alize dodges a diving crossbody, and Gracia hits the ground hard. She sends Gracia tumbling into the ringside barricade twice.

Gracia and Alize trade blows, and a Lungblower from the former leaves both women down. Gracia fires up with flurry of offense and gets a two count with a stiff kick. Alize rolls up Gracia for a two count and blasts her with a nasty knee to the face. A stiff cut to the face and a cutter, followed by a Drive-by kick, earns Alize the victory.

Winner: Miranda Alize



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ROH Women’s Championship Tournament: Mazzerati vs. Nicole Savoy

In pre-match promos, Mazzerati says she will build this women’s division from the ground up, and everyone will know her name because she’ll find a way to win. Savoy says she wants to prove that she can stand on her own and that she’s worthy of being a world champion.

The two women square off, as Mazzerati shows some cockiness by refusing to release her handshake right away. She flexes on Savoy and scfuffs her shoe. Savoy takes Mazzerati to the mat, and they exchange technical holds. Savoy showcases her traditional wrestling skills by taking Mazzerati down again and wrenching her wrist.

Mazzerati get back to her feet and slaps Savoy. The opponents trade strikes, and Savoy gains the advantage with a combination of blows and a suplex. Mazzerati hits a running knee in the corner, but Savoy drops her with a Butterfly suplex. Mazzerati fires back with a bridging Northern Lights suplex. She floors Savoy with a right hand and a DDT for a two count. Savoy hits a TKO for a near fall.

Savoy hits a half-Dragon suplex for the win.

Winner: Nicole Savoy

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