ROH Wrestling Results (7/6/20): A Spotlight On PJ Black

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ROH Wrestling Results (7/6/20): A Spotlight On PJ Black

ROH Ring Of Honor

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

ROH Wrestling Results

Aired July 6, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

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PJ Black welcomes viewers to the show and describes his love for extreme sports. A video package shows Black skydiving. Black says he’s in the best shape of his life, and he’s having a lot of fun. He recaps his time in quarantine and says he has spent a lot of time reading. Black says he’s been practicing new moves on his trampoline.

PJ Black vs. Silas Young (Replayed from ROH Honor For All 2019)

Both men exchange technical holds and counters. They also trade pin attempts. Black gains control with some kicks and a double stomp. Young rocks him with a forearm and dominates the Darewolf. A hard Irish whip sends Black crashing into the corner and Young grounds Black. The Darewolf perseveres and rocks Young with some strikes. A diving punch and a springboard clothesline get Black a near fall.

Young dumps Black to the outside and Woods contemplates hitting him. Woods opts against it and argues with Young. While they argue, Black rolls Young up for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

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