ROH Wrestling Results (7/12/21) Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black

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ROH Wrestling Results (7/12/21) Flip Gordon vs. PJ Black

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ROH Wrestling Results
Originally aired July 9, 2021
Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show.

The Briscoes vs. Joe Keys & Dante Caballero

In a pre-match promo, Keys and Caballero make it clear that they’re nervous for the bout, as Keys knows they’re going to get beat up. Meanwhile, The Briscoes hype up their reunion and emphasize their goal to climb back to the top of the title scene.

Mark and Keys begin the bout, and the brothers quickly take control by double-teaming Keys. They isolate Keys and firmly maintain the advantage. The brothers drop Keys with a double shoulder tackle, but Keys rallies with a back suplex on Jay. Caballero tags in and slams Jay. Mark tags in and blasts his opponents with a flurry of strikes. He suplexes Keys and hits a diving chop to the skull. Keys kicks out of the Redneck Boogie, but the Froggy Bow keeps him down for three.

Winners: The Briscoes

PJ Black vs. Flip Gordon

Before the match, Gordon blows off an interview attempt by McKay. On the other hand, Black notes that Gordon is just like him. But as a veteran, he has the experience and the wisdom that should make all the difference. In the match, Gordon and Black feel each other out early on. Black takes Gordon down and grounds him, but “The Mercenary” blasts him with a cheap shot. Black chops Gordon’s chest and dives onto him outside the ring.

Gordon traps Black in the apron, drills him with some punches and tosses him into the barricade. “The Mercenary” hits a springboard dropkick and blasts Black with a superkick. Black and Gordon trade blows, and a suplex gives Black some breathing room. A top-rope hurricanrana and a moonsault give Black some momentum, and a diving stomp earns him a two count. Gordon hits a running Shooting Star Press for a two count of his own.

Gordon chops Black’s chest, but a rope-assisted Spanish Fly gives “The Darewolf” the upper hand. “The Mercenary” pokes Black in the eye, hits the Flip-5, and makes Black tap out to the STF.


Mandy Leon discusses her upcoming match against Quinn McKay; thoughts on the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament & more. Brian Zane talks about his Wrestling With Wregret YouTube channel; how he got his job with ROH & more.

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) July 12, 2021

Winner: Flip Gordon

Black wrenches the STF after the bell, but Brian Johnson saves Black from further damage. “The Mecca” yells at Gordon and seemingly challenges him to a match.

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