ROH Wrestling Results (6/1/20): A Spotlight On RUSH

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ROH Wrestling Results (6/1/20): A Spotlight On RUSH

ROH Ring Of Honor

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

ROH Wrestling Results

Aired June 1, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show begins with a video package for RUSH. The Ring of Honor World Champion welcomes viewers to the show. He recaps his triumph at ROH Death Before Dishonor, where he won the title for the first time.

Ring of Honor World Championship: Matt Taven (c) vs. RUSH (Replayed From ROH Death Before Dishonor)

RUSH comes to the ring in a suit and takes it off. Both men immediately start trading blows. Two superkicks rock RUSH, who suplexes Taven into the corner. Taven dodges the Bull’s Horns and tosses the challenger into the barricade twice. Taven mocks RUSH’s family at ringside. RUSH back body drops Taven on the steel ramp. RUSH tosses the champion into the barricade. Taven suplex RUSH from the ring to the floor. Taven takes RUSH down with two suicide dives. The champion hits a Frog Splash for a near fall. The champion hits a backbreaker for a two count. A DDT plants RUSH for another two count.

RUSH floors Taven with a snap suplex and a knee to the face. The challenger suplexes Taven on the floor. RUSH hits Taven a section of the barricade. The challenger suplexes Taven again onto a table. Taven chops RUSH, who stomps the champion in the corner. RUSH strikes a pose and hits a dropkick off the top rope. RUSH floors Taven with a running dropkick off the apron. Taven dodges a senton but RUSH gets a Jay Driller-like move. Taven nails a running knee and hits the Climax for a near fall. The competitors exchange strikes and RUSH suplexes Taven. The champion spears RUSH and hits another three running knees. RUSH counters the Climax and hits the Bull’s Horns twice for the win.

Winner and new Ring of Honor World Champion: RUSH

After the match, RUSH celebrates with his family and Taven shakes the new champion’s hand.


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