ROH Wrestling Results (4/20/20): A Spotlight On Matt Taven

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ROH Wrestling Results (4/20/20): A Spotlight On Matt Taven

ROH Ring Of Honor

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

ROH Wrestling Results

Aired April 20, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show opens with a video package where Matt Taven reflects on 2016. He says his goal was to win the Ring of Honor World Championship. He discusses his relationship and rivalry with Adam Cole. Taven also talks about his match with Dalton Castle. He calls his biggest match the time he faced Jay Lethal at Ring of Honor 17th Anniversary. He then discusses his victory at G1 Supercard and his reign as Ring of Honor World Champion.

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ROH World Championship: Matt Taven (c) vs. Mark Haskins (Replayed From ROH War of The Worlds 2019)

Taven tries to hit Haskins with the belt but he counters and dives onto him outside the ring. Haskins slams him into the barricade and rocks him with two pump kicks. Another stiff kick drops Taven. The champion hits Haskins with a shoulder block. Haskins grounds Taven by targeting his knee. Taven and Haskins trade chops. Haskins plants Taven with a DDT. Taven throws Haskins shoulder-first into the ring post. The champion targets Haskins’ arm and takes control. Taven tries to get a count-out victory but Haskins makes it back to the ring. The champion continues to target Haskins’ arm. Haskins rallies and rocks Taven with some stiff strikes. Taven drops Haskins with a kick to the head but Haskins dives onto him outside the ring. Haskins locks Taven in a crossface and turns it into an arm-bar but Taven reaches the ropes.

Taven gets a near fall with a modified powerbomb. Haskins dodges a Frog Splash and gets a near fall of his own with a Soldier Roll. Taven rakes Haskins in the eyes but both men drop each other with a dropkick. Haskins hits a diving Double Stomp for a near fall. Taven plants Haskins with a Climax on the apron. He drills Haskins with a knee to the face and a Frog Splash gets Taven a near fall. Haskins counters a Climax into a Sharpshooter but Bully Ray comes to the ring and distracts Haskins. Taven capitalizes by hitting a low blow. The champion hits a Climax for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Matt Taven

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