ROH Wrestling Results (4/19/21): Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe On The 500th Episode

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ROH Wrestling Results (4/19/21): Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe On The 500th Episode

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ROH Wrestling Results
Aired April 19, 2021
Report by Colin Tessier for

A video package opens the show, and it recaps Ring of Honor’s past, present, and future.

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show.

In a video package, Lethal calls this episode a milestone for Ring of Honor. He recaps how the fans asked for this match, and Ring of Honor gave it to them. Lethal describes his past with Jonathan Gresham and says he knows that Gresham is unmatched as a wrestler. “The Franchise” says he promises that win or lose, the ROH Pure Championship will remain with The Foundation.

Meanwhile, Gresham discusses the importance of the ROH Pure Championship, and he says it carries a responsibility to uphold honor. He credits Lethal for transcending the ROH World Championship and states that Lethal is the best wrestler in the world. “The Octopus” says he is proud to stand alongside Lethal. He asks Letha to help him show the world what true professional wrestling is.

Pure Rules Match for the ROH Pure Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal and Gresham slowly feel each other out with technical holds. The match is a stalemate early on, as neither man can maintain the advantage. Lethal grounds Gresham and targets his arm. He drops the champion with a hammerlock suplex.

Celebrate the 500th episode of ROH TV!

Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham are in action now and the Pure Title is on the line! Watch for FREE here:

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) April 19, 2021

The challenger had controlled the match for a few minutes, but Gresham gains some breathing room. He traps Lethal in a wrist-lock, and “The Octopus” twists Lethal’s arm. Both men exchange counters, and Lethal plants Gresham with a cutter. Lethal locks in a double Boston crab, and Gresham barely manages to reach the ropes.

Lethal’s arm gives out when he goes for the Lethal Injection, but Gresham still winds up trapped in a Crossface. Again, the champion reaches the ropes and uses his final rope break. Gresham stuns Lethal by rolling him to take the victory out of nowhere.

Winner and still ROH Pure Champion: Jonathan Gresham

Gresham is victorious!

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) April 19, 2021

Lethal and Gresham shake hands after the match.

Mark Briscoe vs. Jay Briscoe

The Briscoe Brothers slowly feel each other out. Mark drills Jay with stiff strikes, but Jay drops his brother with a shoulder tackle. Jay dives onto Mark outside the ring, and the brothers continue to match each other’s every move. Mark hits a baseball slide dropkick and hits a Cactus elbow outside the ring.

The Briscoe Brothers Are In Action Now!

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— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) April 19, 2021

Mark suplexes Jay, and both brothers battle on the apron. A Blockbuster onto the floor plants Jay. Jay rocks Mark with a Spicolli Driver on a chair and hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Mark drops Jay with a Spicolli Driver of his own. The Froggy Bow diving elbow earns Mark a two count.

Jay drops Mark with the Jay Driller for a two count. A second Jay Driller could have put Mark away, but he rolls out of the ring. The brothers brawl at ringside, and Mark hits the Froggy Bow through a table. Mark barely makes it back into the ring, and Jay is unable to answer the count, so Mark wins the match via countout.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

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