ROH Wrestling Results (2/1/21): The OGK vs. The Bouncers

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ROH Wrestling Results (2/1/21): The OGK vs. The Bouncers

ROH Wrestling Results
Aired February 1, 2021
Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show. She recaps how Joe Keys earned a shot at the ROH Pure Championship by winning a Gauntlet Match against his fellow ROH Dojo students.

In a video package, Keys recaps his journey to this match. He says that Jonathan Gresham has always come to bat for the ROH Dojo students, and he reveals that Gresham wasn’t his first trainer. Keys says he has learned how to wrestle and how to be a man. He reflects on how his original trainer passed away. Keys states Gresham inspires him, and he has the passion, grit and determination needed to take his title.

Jonathan Gresham says he loves pure wrestling, and he recaps The Foundation’s recent success. The ROH Pure Champion says Flip Gordon is not a pure wrestler because he doesn’t love it. But Gresham says Keys is a pure wrestler because he has business for the style. Gresham tells Keys that he shouldn’t view him as his trainer; he should look at him as “The Foundation.”

Pure Rules Match for the ROH Pure Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Joe Keys

The two wrestlers exchange technical holds to begin the match. The champion and his challenger seem like they’re evenly matched early on. They trade several shoulder blocks, and Keys drops the champion. Keys drops Gresham with a backbreaker, but the champion takes him down with an arm drag. Gresham targets Keys’ arm with a Hammer-Lock slam. A backbreaker gives Keys some breathing room. Gresham continues to focus his offense on Keys’ arm. Keys hits a rolling suplex for a two count.

THE POWER OF @cupofjoekeys! #WatchROH

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) February 2, 2021

Keys hits a diving Headbutt and forces Gresham to use his third rope break. The two competitors trade blows, and Gresham drops Keys with a kick and a suplex. Keys floors Gresham with a clothesline. Gresham rolls and locks in a Hammer-Lock and makes Keys tap.

Great showing by @cupofjoekeys! @thejongresham is still Pure Champ#WatchROH

— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) February 2, 2021

Winner and still ROH Pure Champion: Jonathan Gresham

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