ROH Wrestling Results (10/12/20): Jonathan Gresham vs. Matt Sydal

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ROH Wrestling Results (10/12/20): Jonathan Gresham vs. Matt Sydal

ROH Wrestling Results

Aired October 12, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

Quinn McKay recaps the Ring of Honor Pure Championship Tournament. After his victory last week, Tracy Williams says he lives for the best competition. He says Rust Taylor knocked the rust off of him and he’s on his way to restoring the honor in Ring of Honor. Williams previews his match with Fred Yehi and tells him to bring it. “You are what Ring of Honor is supposed to be,” says Williams.

After his win last week, PJ Black says he has 1000 moves no one has ever seen. “Always bet on Black,” says Black. He praises Tony Deppen and says he’ll remember his name.

A video package recaps Jay Lethal’s win over Dalton Castle. Lethal says all he cares about is becoming the first two-time ROH Pure Champion. Another video looks back at David Finlay Jr.’s win over Rocky Romero. In a post-match interview, he calls Lethal the face of Ring of Honor and says he fully intends to win the tournament.

Pure Tournament – Block A Semifinal: Jay Lethal vs. David Finlay Jr.

Both men feel each other out with technical holds. Lethal targets Finlay Jr.’s surgically repaired shoulder, but Finlay Jr. tosses Lethal out of the ring. Lethal rocks Finlay Jr. with a kick to the head. Finlay Jr. lands awkwardly on his knee. The former ROH World Champion takes Finlay Jr. to the mat. Lethal hits his hip toss/cartwheel dropkick combination.

A thing of beauty. #ROHPure

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Finlay Jr. counters the Lethal Combination into a backbreaker. But Lethal hits the Lethal Combination. The former ROH World Champion slams Finlay Jr. Lethal tweaks his knee when he jumps off the top rope and Finlay Jr. spears him. Finlay Jr. locks in a Figure-Four, but Lethal uses a rope break. Finlay Jr. stomps Lethal’s knee, but Lethal hits a springboard dropkick. Lethal, hobbling, hits a suicide dive. Finlay rolls Lethal up for a two count. Lethal hits a Lethal Injection out of nowhere for the win.



— ROH Wrestling (@ringofhonor) October 12, 2020

Winner: Jay Lethal

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