ROH Wrestling Results (1/20/20) : 2 Guys, 1 Tag vs. The Briscoes

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ROH Wrestling Results (1/20/20) : 2 Guys, 1 Tag vs. The Briscoes

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ROH Wrestling Results

Aired January 20, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show starts with a recap of Jonatan Gresham and Jay Lethal winning the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship from the Briscoes at ROH Final Battle.

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome viewers and preview the show.

The Bruisers (Beer City Bruiser and Brawler Milonas) vs. Dalton Castle & Joe Hendry

During the Bruisers’ entrance, the Bouncers say Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry aren’t on the same page but the Bouncers are brothers and they’re starting their conquest for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship. Hendry and Milonas start the match and Milonas overpowers him early on. Castle trades belly bumps with Bruiser and rocks him with a boot. Milonas uses Bruiser as a battering ram on Hendry. Hendry sends Milonas to the outside by pulling the top rope down. Bruiser dives off the top rope onto everyone. Milonas squashes Hendry with a senton. Castle drops Bruiser with a DDT before he slams the big man. Hendry tosses Bruiser over his head.

Castle rocks Milonas with an elbow but Milonas throws Castle into Hendry. The Bouncers hit Hendry with Last Call for the win.

Winners: The Bouncers

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Riccaboni and McKay discuss the dynamics between Silas Young & Josh Woods and PJ Black & Brian Johnson.

Master & Machine (Marcus Kross and Griff Garrison) vs. Brian Johnson & PJ Black

Johnson and Black argue before the match. Black and Garrison start the match. Johnson tags himself in and Garrison takes him down with an arm drag. Master and Machine double-team Johnson. Black kicks Kross and Garrison and gains control. Black grounds Kross and double-teams him with Johnson. Black slaps Johnson’s arm off the ropes when he tries to cheat. Johnson argues with Black, who again stops him from cheating. They argue, which allows Kross to rally and tag Garrison. He clears house and throws Johnson into Black. Garrison spears Johnson and Kross hits the Skywalker Elbow. Black takes Garrison down and kicks Kross. Johnson capitalizes with a fist drop for the win.

Winners: Brian Johnson & PJ Black

Johnson takes all the credit for the win after the match.

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