Roderick Strong Reflects On Survivor Series, Previews Keith Lee & Imperium Matches

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Roderick Strong Reflects On Survivor Series, Previews Keith Lee & Imperium Matches

roderick strong

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sports Illustrated recently chatted with Undisputed Era member and NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong. He reflected on his triple threat bout at Survivor Series and previewed two big matches that take place this week.

Check out highlights below:

On what the Survivor Series match meant to him:

That was a great opportunity to give the WWE universe just a taste, but not everything. Those are two guys that I have the utmost respect for, and obviously I’ve wrestled AJ quite a few times before and Nakamura quite a few times prior to coming to WWE. It was very, very special for me.

After the match, I was celebrating on the ground, and I got emotional. I take a lot of pride in what I do, and that was a big moment. I was very, very happy that I had the chance to do that with guys that I have so much respect for, and ones I feel that have the same respect for me. I’m just excited to continue, until the day I stop doing this, to show the world how good I am at this job.

On going up against Keith Lee:

First things first, and that’s Wednesday night against Keith Lee. I get it—he is hot right now. He is a special athlete, he is a hulk-sized human and I am much smaller than him. I get it. But he is not me, and there is nobody in the world like me. Wednesday night, I get to show the world that it doesn’t matter how big you are—because they all fall. He’ll be another one on my list of people that step in the ring with me and see that I’m a whole other animal. It’s going to be a special night, but that North American championship is going to stay with me as long as I want it to.

On facing Imperium:

Looking at Saturday’s Worlds Collide, it’s electric anytime when the four of us from The Undisputed Era can be together in the same match. And I can’t wait to get in the ring with WALTER. We wrestled in 2007, and everyone is talking about him chopping us, but I can’t wait to get my hands on him. I don’t think he’s been hit the way I hit. Fabian and Marcel are both special, and I can’t wait to see them against Kyle and Bobby. And then maybe the Rumble on Sunday, who knows, but it all starts on Wednesday live on the USA Network.

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