Roderick Strong Is Glad The Undisputed ERA Didn’t Split Up Too Soon

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Roderick Strong Is Glad The Undisputed ERA Didn’t Split Up Too Soon

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Undisputed Era at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

The Undisputed ERA faction is the cornerstone act of NXT. Roderick Strong is glad that NXT is letting the group run its course rather than trying to break it up too soon.

Speaking with Daily DDT, the former NXT North American Champion opened up about when joining the faction meant for his career and why he’s glad they didn’t split the faction when they began teasing dissension between himself and Adam Cole.

“Joining Undisputed Era has been my top moment because it was such a momentum swing for me career-wise. It filled me with emotion,” Strong said. “I rolled to the floor after I won at Survivor Series and there’s this moment where I get overwhelmed and I start crying. I try not to weep, obviously, just because it is such a big stage. Everybody talks about how hard they work, but I worked hard to be in a position where not a lot of people thought I would be in. It was overwhelming. It’s my number two. Joining Undisputed Era and then that. It’s big. It’s something I’ll never forget and I’m thankful for the opportunity to create a memory like that.”

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He continued, “If it were to have ended at that point, we definitely would have that it had been too soon and I think they understand that. There’s so much entertaining stuff we still have left to do, there’s so much leg left on this. We always joke that anything short of forever would be too soon. You always really wonder because a lot of that isn’t in your control and you have to just trust the process and your bosses which we do fully, so we just go with it.”

Roderick Strong will face Dexter Lumis in a strap match on night one of NXT Great American Bash.

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