Rocky Romero Talks The Decision To Launch NJPW Strong Women’s Division After Mercedes Mone Dropped IWGP Title

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At tonight’s NJPW Resurgence event, the promotion will crown the first-ever NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion. 

At the show, Mercedes Mone, Stephanie Vaquer, Momo Kohgo, and Willow Nightingale are competing in the one-night tournament to determine the champion. 


To promote the event, Rocky Romero returned to Wrestling Observer Live where he talked about the promotion creating the title. 

“You know, since New Japan STRONG started, there’s always been a plan for a women’s division. So, when we stopped taping STRONG and doing the taping style shows, it was like, well when are we going to pull the trigger? And with Mercedes (Moné) coming up short and losing the IWGP Women’s Championship, it was like, well, now would be probably a great time. So, definitely want to have participation from all our different partners so obviously, Stephanie Vaquer who Mercedes is wrestling in the first round from CMLL, who’s an amazing talent. People don’t really know her in the States yet, but I think after this match with Mercedes, she’ll definitely be a name that people will be looking out for. Having Momo Kohgo, who’s a young upstart in STARDOM. Not too much experience but, recently her work with Mercedes in STARDOM has been kind of noteworthy and they’ve kind of taken a liking to each other it seems like so, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to also have some new blood in there, and finally, yeah, Willow Nightingale, she’s a star in ROH, she’s a star in AEW. Another wrestler that, you know, obviously this is a huge opportunity for her, a huge chance and yeah, we’ll see who ends up in the final but, I think all four women bring something different to the table and it’s super, super exciting to see and I just saw a picture of the belt the other day and the belt looks really, really amazing so I think people are gonna really dig it.”

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