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My glamorous AEW Wrestler says this plugin is suave. um let's fetch the scrutinize-alike contest did they receive youth that regarded worship you oh lumber i did i in fact in actuality had two kids that wished and we all went to uh limousine picked them up and went to carowinds amusement park .

Licensed and we began walking down the home and they save us on the uh roller coaster and the roller coaster took off from about 5 seconds ten seconds into it stops here comes safety they stated rock and roll y'all i've obtained .

To transfer away the park yeah attributable to the gang each person correct parked it on the exit entrance lumber did y'all have closed down the park yeah they couldn't pause nothing however however however we obtained to return when they closed the park down oh they gave you a non-public uh lumber they return with the kids .

But they did it in actuality in actuality took characteristic and likewise you already know what within the 2 kids the mum and daddy damaged-down to bring them and i correct seen them not prolonged within the past they're good and they've grown up and they obtained miniature kids and they tranquil had the pictures and and and i hung them up in my wrestling college they gave to me .

The homeowners miniature and now when they're giant and it's astounding that's good now please expose me you be aware this be aware the dream date and please expose me there's a generous story there properly it became a generous story however realize me uh most of them were underage uh we had the the ladies lumber they were .

The laughter you already know invoice after and uh became uh you’re entirely stable if invoice looks on the day attributable to there's no manner for a [ __ ] to derive laborious if invoice after is to your line of vision in any manner i will creep on anecdote and suppose that immediately so a heavenly selection by jimmy crockett .

On the opposite hand it became in actuality chilly attributable to that's what we took the non-public jet uh they picked us up we flew to every girl's characteristic of foundation picked them up we flew into manhattan we stayed on the hensley palace however don't derive we had chaperones and we went to the broadway prove gape cats out and had a .

Huge good dinner at a hawaiian characteristic or one thing i feel however you understand me it's uh it became no hanky-panky it became noble and all the pieces and likewise you already know and it wouldn't even worship that we had you already know what we in actuality had a generous time now potentialities are you’ll most most likely possibly deserve to have gotten submissions that were despatched .

In from of us that didn't score with some attention-grabbing pictures i would imagine however we obtained some noble stuff i imagine here is the 80s the pudgy bush lumber hello one girl in actuality wrote in she says i'm a nurse i desire to give them the claps i’m in a position to cure them determined did stated i desire to derive i'm going i .

Are making an strive to give them the clap pleasing so i’m in a position to cure him sooner than i’m in a position to hear him dude that's about that you already know hello i'm happy that you bewitch her you already know they pause this stacks of mail and who who stored the phone numbers from these ladies i don't know baron von raschke maybe i do know .

Jackie crockett correct come aid creep scrutinize at this one here scrutinize at this one they’d come with bundles and proper lumber yeah a host of them i indicate plenty however it surely became in actuality a legit thing it worked out noble we had fun man that became uh they picked them out however it surely's what we did craziest rat story out of your .

Dart properly let's hear it i'm going to let robert expose them i'd suppose coming from greenville one night time at any time when we creep away here at any time when we creep away the enviornment these ladies they’d line up and then they’d jockey for focus on with area yeah i'm talking worship 50 cars and that's not exaggerated oh to exercise .

Your car available they became already lined up and apply us and we're occurring we left greenville might most most likely possibly simply ricky worship i stated jockey for positions at final this one girl that's on our butt so rapid and we we act worship we're gonna derive off the exit on the leisure house no that wasn't gonna pull within the leisure of it .

So ricky makes a flip in when he does ricky grew to become it aid out and they already already dedicated so that they had to struggle by map of the leisure house and we're doing about 90 miles an hour out here they're going by map of the leisure house at 90 mile prolonged scrutinize here and come out pleasing we're going to head ready to gape a giant crash you already are privy to it's .

Scheme aid out yeah they obtained within the manner aid down they didn't hit any one however they obtained to the a host of pause ricky knows stopped the car and obtained out and he kicked the [ __ ] out of that car did you ever have to derive out of the enviornment in a a host of car or veil or by some means worship .

Greensboro coliseum and here is how we robert correct bought a novel vogue yeah and uh we pulled up in robert's transam and i'm serious dude that's sooner than they save the fences and stuff up we were actually they they rushed the car yeah into of us .

Areas worship this on the window impress-serene attributable to they're backed up they were pressing you already know up all over again we were actually caught within the car for 45 minutes and i became shaking it forward and uh shaking it backward and forward and at final they had to derive the police available 45 minutes later yeah you derive the police .

Receive them aid derive out of the car robert's car worship they took a goddamn sledgehammer to it and now all beat up 45 minutes later however you already know and then we're going however i do know what the prevent're going on this demand [ __ ] don't even derive there tonight .

Uh i do know the prevent're going on this demand here however you already are privy to it's a host of things i expose of us and half of of them when i expose them they creep oh that's [ __ ] okay so don't seek recordsdata from me no more to expose you a story all pleasing i would suppose one thing else you suggested me about that here here is the 2 of .

You however you obtained to ticket that became correct one night time you hear me that became correct one night time okay however uh by manner of that man we uh uh seen some crazy [ __ ] you’re thinking that i became gonna seek recordsdata from you about you already know the wild orgies within the resorts however in actuality i desire to focus on the .

Darkish aspect of that status and recognition which is the prevent went with that what also can have been a 50 car pile up on a toll road that a child also can have been in or um oh i saved one dude destroying a car attributable to they're mountaineering on a novel car .

Or potentialities are you’ll most most likely possibly deserve to have had some extraordinary [ __ ] despatched to you within the mail or extraordinary phone calls or of us stalking you at house and [ __ ] would in actuality have to have a cop out in price at his house in my house pleasing the law enforcement officers in actuality parked out the front yard to wait on of us away .

Yeah i became at my house at indian plod tranquil yeah it's correct ladies that are attempting to pause that pleasing there and i'm i'm laying here in bed now other than my spouse are accessible in in here and uh she stated hello there's a girl on the door uh she says that uh you've been seeing her .

That you simply seen her and i what the [ __ ] and i derive up and i'm going here is i skedaddle in there and and i regarded out the door and all indians remorse giant girl grad giant girl and then my spouse stated she stated you've been announcing and i regarded at my spouse .

But says let me seek recordsdata from you one thing honey whenever you became me would you [ __ ] her my spouse beat that piss out and he or she stated hell no she beat the piss out of her i went aid obtained in bed went slumbering she by no methodology makes it nothing to me more about it she don't indicate are you able to’re thinking that that yeah .

I stole that live from any individual however it surely worked on the noble time in my life when it took characteristic um did you uh did you derive any extraordinary objects as gifts now and all over again yeah we obtained all kinds of stuff man we uh i indicate when it at christmas time in charlotte north carolina dude .

Stare here i i derive to pressure a truck of us introduced us you already know uh however they bring us noble stuff generally you already know they you already know they rock and roll instruct clocks you already know they bring not most likely coats in actuality watches uh irregular rings they save it gave me earrings .

Clothes and that wasn't simplest on christmas they did plenty and likewise you already know when and i had a teddy contain teddy bears away oh yeah you derive them the total time no no that became simplest rock stars that damaged-down to derive the miniature baggies thrown on the stage oh properly .

No we obtained a host of that for you too you already know uh gene simmons of kiss would uh generally focus on when he became on stage and he would scout the gang he had codes that he would give to the roadies as to worship third row second seat no topic to to pull a girl and produce her aid when .

You guys were within the ring did you ever save from the ring ladies within the gang that you wished launched to you later on properly i seen them however i didn't have to have nobody to pause that for me i correct went out determined did gene simmons ain't obtained [ __ ] either properly if properly what's your number whenever you had to .

When you had to avoid wasting a host available oh man too many folk might most most likely possibly correct gape this properly pause you’re thinking that any one which you already know thinks you didn't derive busy i’m in a position to't i’m in a position to't i don't i couldn't name that i don't know pleasing you already know i became inebriated one night time most at one time .

I indicate i became sitting there you already know i had me about a instructions this girl sitting there and we're talking uh you already know i'm bloated i stated what's your name she goes you won't be aware nobody which [ __ ] you sooner than she stated you didn't be aware hello buddy they arrive up the total time too .

God rattling you already know here is 35 years later be aware me oh [ __ ] please expose me i didn't
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Rock ‘N’ Roll Narrate on Ring Rats

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