Robbie McAllister On The Highlanders’ Release From WWE– ‘It Is What It Is’

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Back in August 2008, The Highlanders were launched from WWE after working for the business from 2006 to 2008.

Speaking on the “Developmentally Speaking” podcast, Robbie McAllister talked about the tag-team not promoting on their own, which in turn led to their release from WWE.

You can have a look at some highlights from the podast listed below:

On the group being launched from WWE: “It is what it is, I would’ve liked to attempt a songs perform at WWE however it wasn’t in the cards, due to the fact that technically Rory [McAllister] and I didn’t offer the business a factor to keep us.”

On the group not promoting on their own: “I personally didn’t do anything to keep the Highlanders there … Maybe I wasn’t– due to the fact that I’m a good person– I wasn’t cut out for the genuine difficult part of wrestling.”

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