Rob Van Dam Teases That His ‘WWE Icons’ Special Didn’t Have Strict Guidelines, Let Him Tell His Full Story

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Rob Van Dam Teases That His ‘WWE Icons’ Special Didn’t Have Strict Guidelines, Let Him Tell His Full Story

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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Ahead of his “WWE Icons” special, Rob Van Dam teased fans by saying that the documentary doesn’t have the restraints one might expect to see on WWE television.

In a recent appearance on The TC Martin Show, RVD previewed his “WWE Icons” program and explained why he’s excited about it.

“I’m so stoked,” said RVD. “It’s not just another documentary. This is telling my whole story, you know, my life and my career, and boom, it’s like having a movie made about you.

“They really opened up, and it’s a lot, there’s a lot of freedom in this special to really tell the story of the person and subject to that individual. So it’s not like, the stiff guidelines necessarily that people could expect from WWE. They’re really into like, ‘Hey man, this is your life.'”

The former ECW star described how the filming for the documentary forced him to reflect on his career in new, profound ways. Fans can expect to see this process in the documentary once it premieres.

“A lot of the questions they they asked me brought out really deep answers, and I was realizing some patterns in my life, some full circles that came together that really are very supportive of the narrative of my life, said RVD.” And it kind of blew me away sometimes. They’d be asking, you know, like about me when I left WWE on my own accord, even though they wanted me to re-sign. I just knew I needed a break, and I couldn’t put a time on it, it was gonna be indefinite.

“And they were asking me about that, and they just asked me yesterday[during filming] about the same moment years before in WCW, when I walked out in ’93.”

Late last year, WrestleZone writer Dominic DeAngelo also spoke with RVD, and the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion discussed his in-ring career and his post-wrestling ventures.

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