Rob Van Dam Talks WWE’s ECW Brand, Vince McMahon, and His In-Ring Performance

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Recently, in an interview with The Ten Count’s Steve Fall for Wrestling, Rob Van Dam went over several things, consisting of WWE’s reformation of ECW, Vince McMahon’s character throughout that time duration, and his in-ring design. Have a look at a few of the highlights from the interview listed below:

RVD on WWE’s revival of the ECW brand name: “I have a really well balanced sensation on that due to the fact that I have benefits and drawbacks that I feel. At the time, particularly when I remained in that competitive frame of mind of remaining in the dressing space and sensation like the authors are simply, you understand, fu ** ing with me. When you’re ideal in there, you got through all this things. For me, absolutely various mindset that I have now with this pleased time in my life.”

“So at the time, I actually took a look at it defensively from ECW. You understand, I believed he’s travestying ECW. Due to the fact that he didn’t like the fans shouting EC Dub, I believed he may have even brought ECW back simply to ruin it. He took credit for it, so he trained them to shout EC Dub throughout the programs by putting out the ECW DVD. I was like, Wow, guy, this man’s insane.”

“Maybe he brought it back simply to entirely eliminate the severe style to it, and they did entirely erase the severe style to it. It was like, you understand, simply like any other program other than they put way less into it. Method less budget plan, method less marketing. Your home reveals at that time, you understand, we’re simply the old ECW lousy arenas from the mid 90s. We would in some cases movie after SmackDown on the SmackDown night, and there was some type of unusual manner in which we were earning money off a split of their gate which actually wasn’t reasonable. In the end, you understand, apparently all the numbers settled, whatever.”

Rob Van Dam on Vince McMahon using a durag: “I believed Vince looked actually cool in durag. I liked it. Due to the fact that he’s all enthusiast in the black sweatshirt t-shirt with the sleeves, I believed that was cool. I enjoyed dealing with him. I had a match that was 3 versus one. That was quite cool. I imply, something like that when I reflect makes me believe possibly I was thought about in a much greater position then it seemed like at the time since that would not generally be something they would make with like, a mid-carder, or whatever. Often I think about it like that, like, well, that’s truly cool that I got to deal with Vince and Shane and Umaga.”

Rob Van Dam on his in-ring design:“It’s since I’m the genuine offer. I do not get in the ring and after that pretend that I’m some character. I suggest, clearly, there’s an exaggeration to it, particularly to my ego and additional cruelty. I didn’t find out to do a spin and a partner kick from mimicing other wrestlers that did it. You understand, I was a kickboxer and I gained from kickboxing and martial arts trainers and I brought those relocations into wrestling since that became part of me. That was what I provided for enjoyable when I’m displaying at some silly celebration in high school, you understand, backflips, adding a tree and doing a backflip, since I saw it on Chopsocky theater.”

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