Rob Van Dam Shoots on Chris Jericho (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Rob Van Dam Shoots on Chris Jericho (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview
In this Wrestling Shoots video RVD discusses how Chris Jericho used to be within the serve of the curtain in WWE.

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Rob Van Dam Shoots on Chris Jericho
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Here is one advantageous prowrestler!! any wrestlers that you wrestled that even as you were wrestling you're love this guy's a [__] dick oh [__] yeah name names yeah effectively it former to be uh when i first obtained into wwe um chris jericho in reality yeah he we former to be guests we former to dangle around trot to the flicks whatever .

Now we're in diversified positions in our occupation the place he's promised the arena by wwe and feeling love he hasn't been delivered upon and i will be found in in and he feels love i'm taking his characteristic because all of a unexpected i'm beating the rock steve austin they're giving me a mega push and uh .

And per paul heyman who doesn't tips lying he doesn't tips telling you one thing is entirely [__] but he used to be telling me about his conversations chris would occupy about isn't it shouldn't that be my space shouldn't they be shouldn't i be having that match anyway they’d us struggle loads and and .

Thru the experience of wrestling with him loads i at that point i stumbled on him to be any such political [__] there used to be the fundamental time used to be this match the place they're going over [__] which i didn't even love that whenever you're going over [__] i .

Already told you that i don't love it it appears to be like love for safety which that it’s good to per chance must trot overshadow that's no longer the diversified system that makes you greater while you don't must because here's the part let's deliver you're going to dropkick me while i'm in midair i roughly are searching for to know about it okay but while you don't must know because you .

Already stutter the language bodily then you wouldn't must know if i'm going to throw a popular dropkick or a 360 dropkick correct to be cool you wouldn't must know if i'm agreeable sufficient to secure it in there one guy comes off preparation here is worn faculty when a man comes off the ropes and the diversified guy jumps straight up and he correct ducks .

And runs by his legs you obtained to know that otherwise you correct run into the fellow's balls you obtained to head over some with chris jericho i stumbled on myself um going in arguments on on each day basis basis the place um i was making an try to model myself investigate cross-check agreeable and he used to be making an try to raise from it used to be love one time .

One time in explicit uh the agents deliver you guys are gonna be within the corner the place both of you guys are going to occupy your heads placing over cain's coming bam and slamming your heads with a chair and also you're both going to fall serve jericho goes to be laying on me to secure the pin .

He mandatory so spoiled to be on the offense he used to be love um wouldn't or no longer or no longer it’s agreeable if i was gonna suplex you that system after we fall serve resembling you would fall off me and i will hit the ropes and love roll on top of you i'm love what the [__] i'm love no i mean if i'm gonna while you're gonna be on top of me wouldn't .

I be suplex than you um yeah i correct i correct love i don't in general trot to the pinnacle rope so it wouldn't be one thing i’d mechanically close and he used to be love being that's that's that's politics love discovering the technique to model yourself investigate cross-check love greater resembling you're on .

The offense resembling you didn't happen to bound over on the wind you were winning anyway these exiguous puny issues that shouldn't mean deal
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Rob Van Dam Shoots on Chris Jericho (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview

Rob Van Dam Shoots on Chris Jericho (BURIES HIM) Wrestling Shoot Interview