Rob Van Dam Reflects on ECW Reunion at TNA Hardcore Justice and AEW WrestleDream Highlights

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Rob Van Dam recently took to his “1 Of A Kind” podcast to look back at the ECW reunion that took place in TNA at Hardcore Justice. During the show, RVD faced off against Sabu in the main event. The Whole F’n Show said,

“One that comes to mind was when we did the ECW reunion there, that was really cool. We already had the WWE one. The idea was some of the guys didn’t feel that was the proper send-off. This was going to be all ECW, and not even book guys that aren’t on the show or whatever.”


He continued, “I knew it wasn’t going to be as big as One Night Stand. But I still liked always being around those guys, I liked celebrating that spirit, and I loved my match with Sabu, and would hold it up against any of the other matches that we had together. So that sticks out as one of my favorite memories.”

In other news, you can check out some additional highlights from last night’s WrestleDream 2023 pay-per-view event below:

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Rob Van Dam, also known as RVD, recently reflected on the ECW reunion that took place in TNA at Hardcore Justice. The event featured a main event match between RVD and Sabu, two iconic figures in the world of extreme wrestling.

RVD expressed his excitement about the reunion, stating that it was a unique opportunity to celebrate the spirit of ECW. He mentioned that while the event may not have been as big as the famous One Night Stand, he still enjoyed being around his fellow wrestlers and cherished his match with Sabu. According to RVD, the match was one of his favorites and he would compare it to any other match they had together.

The ECW reunion in TNA was organized as a way to provide a proper send-off for the ECW wrestlers who felt that the WWE reunion did not fully capture the essence of their promotion. The event exclusively featured ECW wrestlers and aimed to recreate the intense and hardcore atmosphere that ECW was known for.

In addition to RVD’s reflections, the article also provides highlights from the WrestleDream 2023 pay-per-view event. The highlights include various matches and moments from the event, showcasing the excitement and talent in the wrestling industry.

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Overall, RVD’s recollection of the ECW reunion in TNA offers a glimpse into the significance of the event for both the wrestlers involved and the fans who appreciate the unique style of extreme wrestling. It serves as a reminder of the impact and legacy of ECW in the wrestling industry.