Rob Van Dam Recounts Receiving First-Class Plane Tickets During His Reign as WWE World Champion

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Rob Van Dam previously had a reign as the WWE World Champion, which is something he says resulted in first-class flight bookings.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, the Whole F’n Show discussed his run as WWE Champion in 2006. He said,


“The greatest secret in the business — I never, ever, ever heard this. Ever. Only did I experience it firsthand, and people don’t talk about it really. So maybe it’s not meant to be talked about. F**k, look at me, running my mouth like a f**king rat.”

He continued, “But anyway, when I got the WWE Championship belt, then all of a sudden I got bumped up to first class. And if it was an airplane that didn’t have first class available because the airplane was too small or whatever, they would literally buy two seats and I’d have the seat next to me open and they were both mine. I had never heard that, so I was like, ‘Woah.’”

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Rob Van Dam, a former WWE World Champion, recently revealed an interesting perk that came with his title reign. In a recent episode of his podcast, “1 Of A Kind,” Van Dam discussed his run as the WWE Champion in 2006 and shared a surprising secret about his experience.

According to Van Dam, one of the benefits of being the WWE Champion was receiving first-class flight bookings. He explained that when he won the championship belt, he suddenly found himself upgraded to first class for his flights. Even on smaller planes that didn’t have a first-class section, the WWE would purchase two seats, leaving one next to Van Dam empty so that he could have more space.

Van Dam admitted that he had never heard of this perk before and speculated that it might be something not widely discussed in the industry. However, he couldn’t help but share his excitement about the special treatment he received during his time as the WWE Champion.

This revelation offers a unique insight into the behind-the-scenes perks that come with being a top champion in professional wrestling. While fans often focus on the in-ring performances and storylines, there are many aspects of a wrestler’s life that remain unknown to the public.

Rob Van Dam’s experience sheds light on the level of recognition and respect that comes with holding a prestigious title like the WWE Championship. It also highlights the efforts made by the WWE to ensure the comfort and convenience of their top champions, even when it comes to travel arrangements.

For wrestling enthusiasts, this revelation adds another layer of intrigue to the world of professional wrestling. It showcases the dedication and investment that organizations like the WWE put into their champions, going beyond just the on-screen portrayal of their characters.

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In conclusion, Rob Van Dam’s revelation about the first-class flight bookings he received as the WWE Champion offers a fascinating glimpse into the perks and privileges that come with holding a prestigious title in professional wrestling. It showcases the level of recognition and respect given to top champions and adds another layer of intrigue to the world of wrestling.