Rob Van Dam on His Soma Abuse

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Rob Van Dam on His Soma Abuse

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These wrestling are fabulous!! the strangest sights you ever witnessed at the Philly Poke Hotel wow um again I'm smitten by things that I heard about um did you essentially earn there or did you steer certain of it no I did and this became as soon as relief in those days uh those had been my Soma days you know unless Louis SPI handed away I severely did no longer know that it became as soon as that.

Hazardous you know we all partied on them uh me Sabu and Louie every evening we would correct like handfuls of Somas and uh we did uh I'm smitten by this time I became as soon as rooming with um Gary Al and he's in the room and I'm with Sabu and whatever we went to sewing it up and I'm doing what we known as the understanding to be one of bagel lag um where or no longer it’s a must to use your hands on the.

Wall to actually stroll as a result of you do no longer earn any stability and you're falling asleep while you're making an strive to development down the hallway first off it became as soon as spherical so it became as soon as it sucked to be in that situation as a result of in most cases you'd stroll by your door loads of times as a result of it became as soon as a it became as soon as spherical after I got to nonetheless it no doubt became as soon as so hard this one specific evening that pops.

Up and I became as soon as admire and I became as soon as so you know um drugged up and and I sooner or later made it to the to the door and I'm making an strive to stay my room key in and as I as I'm doing it it opens up nonetheless the chain is on it and Gary Albert's admire Rob I got a girl in right here come relief later and I became as soon as admire No And I became as soon as.

Tackle what produce I feel what I did became as soon as correct slid down the wall and slept there unless uh you know morning or something you GL I made previous those days after Louie you know sooner or later folks started shedding left and proper nonetheless earlier than Louie I had correct heard that that Eddie Gilbert had died uh and that Somas became as soon as understanding to be among the components and I didn't actually know.

Eddie and besides that I became as soon as clueless you know there's so repeatedly at some level of that point that I became as soon as actually pushing boundaries we at risk of like mixoma sandwiches me and Gary Albright I remember doing this one time in Japan we'd earn two Somas and we do a hon in the course of it and we we had been eating those you know and presumably washing it.

Down with the beer too admire Jesus yeah I got yeah I got quite a number of my journey from residing it and that's one which you actually don't must in the occasion you fetch the in the occasion you would be taught from other folks's experiences I'll apply up with two qu uh two things produce you know what Sabu urged me his most memorable journey in the Poke Hotel.

Modified into when I'm terrified to issue he he S I’m in a position to't say you some of them nonetheless when I walked into they gave him the room and there became as soon as gentle the chalk account for of the man who died the evening earlier than in it oh correct I do know that story yeah there became as soon as that one um furthermore speaking of SAS cuz I wasn't going to inquire of this nonetheless as a result of you introduced why did you fetch into Somas became as soon as it.

Resulting from danger or became as soon as it as a result of of the culture in the enterprise at the time entirely with the culture and a variety of the wrestlers would earn tablets um for for me it became as soon as the Japan crew that that presented me to that though even earlier than I went to Japan admire after I became as soon as in Tampa we exclaim about those days the boys did it I remember one time.

Um Jimmy backlin jiggalo Jimmy backin yeah um getting me to swallow something placing something in my drink um at this dinky occasion that we had been having for opening up the sportatorium you know and we had been ingesting and I became as soon as admire two decades inclined admire giant younger and uninteresting and and a primadonna nonetheless um they at risk of earn the helon orom for that to.

Mostly to abet them sleep on the airplane a minimal of that became as soon as the uh that became as soon as the logic in the relief of it anyway as a result of it's the kind of long flight and you would descend asleep and wake up and descend asleep and anyway um so that they they would all carry it on them and stuff and it became as soon as correct striking around determined guys that uh that yeah I started um eating Somas Mike.

Lazansky uh became as soon as became as soon as a man that admire one time he he he and his lady friend and their dog all showed up at my one-bedroom condominium where me and my infamous ex lived and I feel we doubtlessly I don't know if we had a dog or no longer at the time one time they showed up and they didn't inch away for loads of weeks uh as a result of he introduced a jar of 500 Somas.

And they correct he correct saved me Som up the entire time by some means I'd place it to the airport and relief to switch produce my suits for the weekend um and uh and then I would come relief and there's so many photos of me correct unfold eagle laying laying on the carpet while they're you know stacking things on our faces or whatever and it's it's you are aware of it's fabulous nonetheless.

I consistently had chums that took greater than me and that became as soon as that became as soon as consistently roughly my safety guard you know and Louis would snatch a hundred in a single evening and then I became as soon as you know most I took became as soon as admire 38 so I understanding I'm top seemingly stable nonetheless yeah 100 and when he died it became as soon as from him uh no longer taking as many and making an strive to place up for it by mixing I.

Don't need a 100 Somas I’m in a position to correct produce 50 Somas if I furthermore snatch admire four yellow valume and one helion and if I drink one bottle of wine that's that's what did a man became as soon as making an strive to alternate his routine up admire that sooner or later yeah the fellows in Japan you are aware of it'd be something that we could uh yeah earlier than I knew it I became as soon as carrying them on myself no longer taking hand.

Handouts from anyone else you know and then it became as soon as correct routine unless it till it wasn't
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Rob Van Dam on His Soma Abuse

Rob Van Dam on His Soma Abuse