Rob Van Dam Addresses Possible WWE Royal Rumble Appearance

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WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam just recently appeared on Steve Fall’s Ten Count for to talk about a vast array of subjects.

Throughout it, he was asked whether he might appear in the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match for WWE this Saturday.

“It’s taken place previously, you understand when I left method back in 2006 or 7,” RVD stated. “I think it was 6. Yeah, hello, that ‘d be cool. I got no strategies to show you. All I can state is I’m feeling remarkable. Typically I believe the response to the concern when individuals resemble, ‘‘ Man, how come so and so hasn’t called you?’ It’s really possible, and if you enjoyed my documentary Icons from WWE, whenever I discuss that, I constantly state, ‘‘ I believe they got my story respectable.’ I was actually pleased with what they outlined me not truly desiring it enough, and actually that is a problem if you desire a lot of starving individuals that want to show how starving they are, and after that you got somebody that’s comfy, not starving, cool to be here, you understand, might take it or leave it, all great, well balanced. You do not have anything to hang over my head and injure me with or utilize as take advantage of. That’s me.”

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