Rob Gronkowski Fears Coach Bruce Arians Will Try To Win WWE 24/7 Title

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Rob Gronkowski Fears Coach Bruce Arians Will Try To Win WWE 24/7 Title

rob gronkowski

Photo Credit: WWE Network

Rob Gronkowski is officially back in the NFL after being traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite being back in the league, though, Gronkowski is still ready to defend his WWE 24/7 Championship from anyone, including his new coach.

Rob recently joined his brother Chris on the “Gronk’d UP” podcast (via TMZ) to discuss his return to the league and his championship, and what it means going forward. According to Rob, he’s on the lookout for anyone who might be trying to take his title, including his coach. However, Gronkowski doesn’t seem to hate the idea of potentially losing the title to his legendary coach, Bruce Arians.

“Imagine coming out of the meeting room, I’m like looking to my left down the hallway … looking to my right to make sure no one is out of the meetings yet, and then all of a sudden … Coach Arians just comes out of nowhere with a flying elbow and takes me out and pins me and becomes the 24/7 champ,” he said. “That would be legendary. That would be an honor to lose to him.”

Rob also touched on the possibility of losing the title during an actual NFL Game, thanks to the fact that people would be coming at him “from all angles.” Of course, it’s unlikely that occurs, but it would make for some hilarious video footage to see a defender tackle Gronkowski and pin him for the belt on the field.

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