Roadway Dogg Reminisces About Scotty 2 Hotty Utilizing ‘The Worm’

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On the current episode of his “Oh … You Didn’t Know?” podcast, Road Dogg recollected about Scotty 2 Hotty asking him approval to utilize ‘‘ The Worm,’ due to the fact that he had actually utilized it on television. He then applauded Scotty for getting it over with the crowds. He stated,

” Little real story, Scotty 2 Hotty pertained to me, still Attitude Era most likely, and stated, ‘Hey, do you care if I do ‘The Worm?’ Since I did it like one time on television and I resembled, ‘Yeah, man. Do ‘The Worm,'” and after that he made it like ‘The Worm’ and I resembled, ‘Why did I provide him that? I might’ve done that!'”

Roadway Dogg likewise went on to load appreciation on Scotty for being a workhorse and having the ability to make the most out of the chances he was provided.

” Scotty was simply an excellent person that was on the indies that did some additional work, and he was among those men that he was great, and everyone understood it and liked him and he strove it resembled suddenly Jed was a millionaire.”

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