Roadway Dogg On MJF’s Beverage Tossing Event: ‘It’s Not An Excellent Appearance’

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AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF tossed a beverage at a young fan throughout his Iron Man match with Bryan Danielson at the Revolution pay-per-view occasion. MJF didn’t understand that the beverage had tequila in it. AEW welcomed the kid backstage as a make-good.

Roadway Dogg spoke about the minute on an episode of Oh You Didn’t Know? podcast. Here are the highlights:

The occurrence:

” So I– you understand, I believe there’s a great deal of frame of minds about this. From an expert, like a business [ perspective]– and look, that’s how I’m taking a look at the business, and any task I do is a representation of the business that I work for. And for that reason to me, that’s not a good idea unless that was a plant, or someone’s kid and they understood that it was fine to do that. Like, I do not believe it’s excellent. I can inform you, I’ll have 100 individuals and Jim Cornette too informing me I’m foolish, and I do not understand what I’m talking about, and it’s heat and all this. Once again, I’m believing about it from a business perspective. And I can inform you this much, we would not do that on among our programs. And if the person did it, they would most likely be penalized for it.”

His own past of utilizing debate to get heat with fans:

” And this is the exact same man who stated the words that we discussed previously on the podcast and did all these awful things. I do not look at it the very same method now, since I’m 30 years older and I work as an executive in the market. I look at it like a business that I’m attempting to offer to the public. Which is not a great appearance, in my viewpoint.”

AEW welcoming the kid backstage after the occurrence:

” I believe the kid getting backstage was all them attempting to offset the skill entering into company for himself, you understand what I indicate? And appearance, that’s not an unfavorable, and he ain’t the very first one to do it I’m simply stating, from a company viewpoint that’s precisely why they entered into crisis-control mode and stated ‘Get me everyone’s T-shirt, get me so-and-so down here,’ and enter into crisis control mode. We’ve done it 100 times, and we’ll do it 100 more. Therefore will they.”

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