Roadway Dogg On Dax Harwood’s Issues With Him, Raw 25 Segment

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As formerly reported, Road Dogg and Dax Harwood do not like one another. They’ve had concerns returning to FTR’s days in NXT, and Harwood wasn’t especially delighted about how their sector played out on the Raw 25th anniversary program.

Roadway Dogg reviewed the concern on a current episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, stating that Harwood took things a little too seriously. You can check out highlights of his remarks listed below:

FTR taking things too personally: “100%. They took it personally. And appearance, I stated this on the previous podcast. I excuse not thanking you people, and I suggest that from the bottom of my heart. I likewise imply from the bottom of my heart that if that– if it injures you so bad to do that, that you went back and sobbed and punched a wall? Like I simply– guy, I simply seem like you require to reassess what’s going on in your world. Like, the reality that you got in there and were included in that minute, however since I didn’t thank you or something, like it– I do not understand, perhaps I’m not hearing it all right and I’m not comprehending it all. Or possibly I do not comprehend the scenario y’ all remained in.

“But for me, I believed it was a cool minute and a cool area. And even if you men are truly great wrestlers, does not suggest you can’t head out there and do honors or prefers or whatever you believe it is for us people that made it occur 25 years earlier. You understand what I indicate? I simply do not comprehend it, therefore it baffles me.”

How Harwood responded to the sector: “To hear him state that he returned and sobbed after that, like holy mackerel. That harms my heart, it harms me. Not since it injures me, due to the fact that where your head’s at, man. Like, it’s all right, guy. It’s bogus baloney wrestling, and you’re making a great living at it. Think what? No one cares any longer when you’re not. Simply be a great individual, and do what you can do. Which’s how we’re gon na roll, you understand what I suggest? Like, I do not understand what to inform you. I’ve never ever lived my life that method, and I hope I never ever will.

“It’s fine to be enthusiastic and desire your things to be excellent. Your things that night was to bump around for us and put us over. And you did terrific at it. And now, 25 years later on or nevertheless lots of, 5 years later on, we discover that it was a huge offer and it resembled– I do not understand, male. I didn’t see it that method, and I ask forgiveness, I’m sorry that you did. That’s all that’s all I can state on it, you understand?”

A video of Road Dogg’s podcast is listed below:

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