Road Warrior Hawk’s ‘What A Rush!’ Catchphrase Was Inspired By Freddy Krueger

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Road Warrior Hawk’s ‘What A Rush!’ Catchphrase Was Inspired By Freddy Krueger

road warrior hawk freddy krueger

Road Warrior Hawk was a fan of one of horror’s most iconic characters and used that connection to create his famous ‘What A Rush!’ catchphrase.

The topic came up on a recent episode of the Table Talk podcast with Karrion Kross as the special guest. Kross spoke about some of the TV and film inspirations for his wrestling persona, then co-host Mo Lightning joked that fans were lucky he wasn’t watching “‘Spongebob’ and Friends that day.” Kross said “or Spongebob and A Nightmare On Elm Street,” and D-Von revealed that the latter ultimately inspired one of wrestling’s most famous catchphrases.

“Something was already taken from A Nightmare On Elm Street, it was by the legendary Hawk. ‘Ohhh… what a rush!’ That was when [Freddy Krueger] had the needles on his hand and the girl was the drug addict, he took the needles and [killed her with them] and then rolled his eyes back [and said the phrase],” D-Von explained.

“The next thing you know, about a month later [after the film came out] you see Hawk on TV doing it, and everybody knew it was [inspired by] Freddy. That part of that scene in the movie got over so good that everybody was talking about it, so the minute Hawk did it,” D-Von noted, “we knew exactly what it was in reference to.”

Kross said he also put the connection together as soon as D-Von said it, noting that the film was A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 – Dream Warriors, released in theatres in 1987.

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Kross also explained the inspiration behind his new ring gear on the show; read his comments at this link.

Check out the scene from ‘Dream Warriors’ that inspired Road Warrior Hawk’s catchphrase below:

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