Road Dogg shoots on Sable (Buries Her) Wrestling Shoot Interview | 4K

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Road Dogg shoots on Sable (Buries Her) Wrestling Shoot Interview | 4K
On this Wrestling Shoots video Road Canine Jesse James talks about Sable and her perspective complications in WWE.

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Road Dogg shoots on Sable
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I savor skilled wrestler, because they’re massive! how turned into a reno mara stable i i hated her guts and that's exact the truth from the derive-stagger i i didn't in point of fact change it all as she bought more friendly now not i by no methodology observed it because i hated her guts from the derive-stagger and and i by no methodology talked to her but again i savor after the third time i met her and .

It turned into exact over something silly i knew stamp marrow from uh johnny b contaminated from wcw so i knew him so i turned into ripping him one day about his pyro they’d some sparklers going on offers it turned into savor chintzy pyro succesful so i said whoo that's proper pyro to accumulate there stamp i said why don't you exact stick a sparkler up your ass and skedaddle to the ring exact .

Ribbon and she said successfully now not lower than he's bought pyro and i believed what [__] you and that turned into the final time i ever needed to claim [__] you to her then i left it to everybody else to hate her guts and [__] in her bag and keep all that stuff .

My advantageous TNA Wrestler says this plugin is extremely adorable.

Road Dogg shoots on Sable (Buries Her) Wrestling Shoot Interview | 4K

Road Dogg shoots on Sable (Buries Her) Wrestling Shoot Interview | 4K