Road Dogg Recalls His Time In TNA Wrestling With 3 Live Kru

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Road Dogg discussed the formation of 3 Live Kru in TNA Wrestling on a recent episode of Oh… You Didn’t Know and more. Check out the highlights below.

Whether he enjoyed his early run in TNA prior to 3LK: 


“I did have a good time. Got to work with Jeff (Jarrett) and I knew Russo who was coming in and writing and this is early, early stuff I’m talking about. When we started doing more 3LK stuff that was more under Dusty’s kind of regime a littel bit. Dusty was in there with the pencil for a little while and so 3LK kind of fell under his watch and he let us play, so we had fun.”

First meeting Konnan: 

“Instant just chill vibes. This was at a time when I didn’t have any chill and I don’t think he did either. He looks so incredible and look he was hugely over in the Attitude Era. Even into TNA. Even into Impact, you know what I mean? He was still and even now he’s behind the scenes running the biggest stuff in Mexico south of the border. So, he’s definitely involved in the industry in a big way. Konnan and Truth I just felt like with both of them it’s the Midas touch. Whatever Konnan (did on the microphone) that stuff was infectious and it was mob mentality and it was cool and it was very much of what I did just in a different language. It just all felt very organic that he and I and Truth would be a team.”

Whether he thought Three Live Kru could draw money: 

“Look, this was totally for television. I always say this you need to have the variety show. I think Vince Russo is of the same mindset. So, we were the comic relief. I mean they could have some serious matches, some serious storylines with Jeff and serious players. We weren’t the serious players and then when we had to in the ring it was like, for me, it was less than because everybody’s taking a hip toss and everybody’s throwing a dropkick. What everybody’s not doing is being funny on the side for three minutes a week. To me there’s always room for that, man.”

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