Road Dogg Expresses Confusion Over Orange Cassidy’s Character

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Road Dogg says he doesn’t understand Orange Cassidy’s character in AEW.

On a recent edition of his “Oh… You Didn’t Know” podcast, WWE’s SVP of Live Events shared his thoughts on Cassidy’s character and his lack of understanding as to why the gimmick is so over these days.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On not understanding the love of Cassidy’s character: “I liked his gimmick when he was Fonzie… I don’t get it [as it stands now]. If the guy can work great, and I’ve seen him work and he’s pretty great, so I don’t understand. And if the answer is ‘because you’re old,’ I get that, but that’s a copout answer because you don’t understand either.”

On Cassidy’s divisiveness as a character: “If you do like him then all that stupid crap he does makes sense and you love it. But if you don’t, you can’t get past it. I know I’m in the minority and I’ve got no problem doing that, but I’m allowed to have my own goddarned sense about things and opinions.”

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Road Dogg, the SVP of Live Events at WWE, recently expressed his confusion regarding the popularity of Orange Cassidy’s character in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). On his podcast, “Oh… You Didn’t Know,” Road Dogg shared his thoughts on Cassidy’s gimmick and his inability to comprehend why it resonates with fans today.

While Road Dogg acknowledged that he enjoyed Cassidy’s previous gimmick as Fonzie, he admitted that he doesn’t understand the appeal of his current character. However, he also recognized Cassidy’s in-ring abilities and acknowledged that he is a talented performer. Despite this, Road Dogg still struggles to grasp the reason behind Cassidy’s popularity.

Road Dogg also addressed the divisive nature of Cassidy’s character. He acknowledged that if fans appreciate Cassidy’s gimmick, they find his unconventional actions entertaining and enjoyable. However, for those who don’t appreciate his character, it becomes difficult to look past the perceived silliness and fully embrace his persona. Road Dogg acknowledged that he is in the minority with his opinion but emphasized that everyone is entitled to their own perspective.

The podcast episode also featured highlights from Survivor Series 1998, which can be viewed in the embedded video.

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In conclusion, Road Dogg’s recent comments shed light on his confusion regarding Orange Cassidy’s character in AEW. While he appreciates Cassidy’s in-ring abilities, he struggles to comprehend the appeal of his current gimmick. Nevertheless, Road Dogg acknowledges that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and encourages fans to form their own perspectives on wrestling characters and storylines.