Road Dogg discusses his experience as a replacement for Corey Graves on WWE SmackDown commentary

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During the latest episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Brian “Road Dogg” James recently shared his experience of doing guest commentary on WWE SmackDown as he filled in Corey Graves, who is home with Carmella with their newborn. Here are the highlights. 

Not having an “accident” while he was on commentary: 


“You don’t know that I didn’t. You don’t know that I didn’t. I’d have said it on the air. But i don’t know, I just wee’ed before I went out there, and thank goodness I didn’t have to poo. Sometimes you go for a wee, it turns into a poo. I learned that from Bluey.”

His main role on commentary last week: 

“Yeah, I wanted to eat a little bit myself, but I get it. I wasn’t there to take away from the product. I wasn’t there to get myself over or try to. It wasn’t about me. We’re going into a PLE, Survivor Series, so it was important to analyze more so than do color commentary. So I felt like I did okay. I got my first time over with, and I loved it, man. I would do… it’s hard with stuff in your ear. Those guys doing those reads and stuff was crazy to me. I was just sitting there listening to them, thinking, ‘Thank god I don’t have to read that.’”

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Brian “Road Dogg” James recently shared his experience of doing guest commentary on WWE SmackDown during the latest episode of his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast. He filled in for Corey Graves, who is currently at home with his partner Carmella and their newborn. Road Dogg discussed various aspects of his time on commentary, including not having any accidents, his main role, and the challenges he faced.

One of the highlights of Road Dogg’s commentary experience was not having an “accident” while on air. He jokingly mentioned that he had gone to the bathroom before going out for commentary and was relieved that he didn’t have to deal with any unexpected situations. He humorously added that sometimes when you go for a wee, it can turn into a poo, a lesson he learned from the children’s show Bluey.

Road Dogg also talked about his main role on commentary during that week’s episode of SmackDown. He emphasized that he wasn’t there to take away from the product or try to get himself over. With Survivor Series approaching, he understood the importance of analyzing the matches rather than providing color commentary. Despite not being able to fully showcase his own personality, Road Dogg felt that he did a decent job and enjoyed the experience. He also mentioned how challenging it was for the commentators to read the scripts and do the required reads, expressing his gratitude that he didn’t have to do that part.

In addition to sharing his commentary experience, Road Dogg also provided a link to a YouTube video where fans can watch him in action on WWE SmackDown. The video gives viewers a chance to see Road Dogg’s guest appearance on commentary and get a firsthand look at how he performed.

For fans who want to stay updated with all the latest wrestling news, Road Dogg directed them to The website is a reliable source for wrestling news and provides comprehensive coverage of the industry. Fans can also follow eWrestlingNews on Twitter and Facebook to get regular updates and engage with other wrestling enthusiasts.

Overall, Road Dogg’s experience as a guest commentator on WWE SmackDown was a positive one. He approached the role with professionalism and focused on analyzing the matches rather than stealing the spotlight. His insights and humorous anecdotes added an entertaining element to the commentary. Fans can look forward to seeing more of Road Dogg’s appearances in the future and witnessing his unique perspective on the world of professional wrestling.