Road Dogg Appreciated by Hornswoggle for Their WeeLC Match at Extreme Rules

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On a recent edition of the “Oh… You Didn’t Know” podcast, Hornswoggle reflected on his WeeLC match at Extreme Rules 2014 and thanked Road Dogg for making it happen.

The WWE alumnus fought El Torito in the famous gimmick match in a losing effort.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Road Dogg helping make it happen: “This is one of those days where you do not get enough credit, enough thanks, and enough praise for what you did, Brian, for me and Torito. You truly, truly don’t and I truly mean that. I wrote about in the book where it’s all of that, everything from the start of Torito and I going through the whole thing, you truly don’t get enough credit for that. It’s the best thing I’ll ever do in my career, I truly mean that. I’ll never top that.”

On the match helping him get back in a better mental space: “I was in such a shi**y spot mentally and you really like rejuvenated everything about me and it really means a lot.”

On the match succeeding in his estimation: “That match being on the pre-show, like in New Jersey, with all of the things involved, it should have failed. It was proposed as ‘Here’s a joke,’ and it came off so like, ‘Oh, God, they’re beating the hell out of each other.’”

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Hornswoggle Reflects on Memorable WeeLC Match at Extreme Rules 2014

In the world of professional wrestling, there have been countless memorable matches that fans still talk about years later. One such match is the WeeLC match that took place at Extreme Rules 2014 between Hornswoggle and El Torito. Recently, Hornswoggle appeared on the “Oh… You Didn’t Know” podcast and reflected on this unique match, expressing gratitude towards Road Dogg for making it happen.

The WeeLC match was a gimmick match that showcased the smaller wrestlers in a comedic yet intense battle. Hornswoggle, a WWE alumnus, faced off against El Torito in this match, which ultimately ended in a losing effort for Hornswoggle. Despite the outcome, the match left a lasting impact on both wrestlers and the fans.

During the podcast, Hornswoggle expressed his appreciation for Road Dogg’s role in making the WeeLC match a reality. He acknowledged that Road Dogg didn’t receive enough credit for his contribution to the match’s success. Hornswoggle even mentioned that it was the best thing he had ever done in his career and that he would never top it.

Not only did the match provide an unforgettable experience for Hornswoggle, but it also helped him get back into a better mental space. He revealed that he was going through a difficult time mentally, and the WeeLC match rejuvenated him and brought new life to his career. Hornswoggle expressed his gratitude towards Road Dogg for this positive impact.

One interesting aspect of the WeeLC match was its unexpected success. Initially proposed as a joke, the match exceeded everyone’s expectations. Despite being on the pre-show and involving comedic elements, it turned out to be a hard-hitting and entertaining contest. The audience was captivated by the intensity and physicality displayed by both Hornswoggle and El Torito.

The WeeLC match at Extreme Rules 2014 serves as a reminder that sometimes the most unexpected matches can become the most memorable ones. It showcased the talent and dedication of both Hornswoggle and El Torito, proving that size doesn’t always determine the quality of a wrestling match.

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In conclusion, the WeeLC match between Hornswoggle and El Torito at Extreme Rules 2014 remains a standout moment in professional wrestling history. Hornswoggle’s reflection on the match highlights the impact it had on his career and mental well-being. Thanks to Road Dogg’s involvement, this unique and unexpected match became a fan favorite and a testament to the unpredictability of professional wrestling.