RJ City Reveals How He Began Hosting Hey! (EW), More

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A Canadian star and expert wrestler, RJ City is best referred to as the host of Hey! (EW), a weekly digital series produced by AEW where he interviews numerous AEW wrestlers in a manner that enables them to flaunt their imagination and show various sides of their characters.

While talking to Stephanie Chase, RJ City exposed how he landed the gig with AEW, his shift from a professional wrestler to comic/interview host, and more.

You can have a look at some highlights from the interview listed below:

On how he landed the gig with AEW:“My basic understanding is Tony [Khan] is straight the factor I’m in AEW, due to the fact that he messaged me. He had actually understood my things: The things I performed in WWE, I did a funny unique, he understood that; however he [] understood all the videos I put online, simply silly videos I was making, which blew me away. Due to the fact that it’s like ‘Why didn’t you inform me earlier?’ I believe he understood precisely what he was getting. He was likewise my 2nd visitor, which was practically the stamp of approval of ‘I endure this individual’s idiocy.'”

On who his real manager at AEW is:“I think my direct manager would be Kevin Sullivan. Not the wrestler, the editor [who] did a lot of things in Impact, did a lot of ‘Attitude Era’ [WWE] things. He did The Rock’s Chef Boyardee business, and all those odd Super Soaker commercials, which I inquire about continuously.”

On the suddenly unlimited freedom he’s been offered:“My 3rd episode was [with] Eddie Kingston, and I made a terrible, awful fisting joke at the end. ‘I hope you spin back here and fist me once again,’ that’s what I stated, alright? Particularly when you traffic in those examples, you simply need to anticipate getting a telephone call stating, ‘We can’t state that.’ This is my very first day on the task, by the method. I didn’t get a call, and I was stunned. I wished to call them back and state, ‘No one has an issue with this? Are you sure?'”

On dealing with Sonjay Dutt and others at AEW:“Sonjay has actually been pulling for me to operate at a range of wrestling promos for over a years now, which is so exceptionally sweet. And after that we’re so pleased that when we lastly get to collaborate, it’s this. I do not wish to resemble [among] those ‘whatever occurs for a factor and blah [individuals],’ however this deserved the wait, I believe, for everyone. It is unusual, both WWE and AEW, I had positions that just appeared to be produced for me. Where they’re like, ‘Here you go. Uh, do whatever you desire. Whatever unusual things you do, knock yourself out.'”

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