Ring Of Honor Collides With D&D In New Roleplay Of Honor Series

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Ring Of Honor Collides With D&D In New Roleplay Of Honor Series

Roleplay of Honor

Image: Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor Wrestling has been working on plenty of new and original digital programming to fill the gap while the ongoing global pandemic has kept their wrestlers out of the ring. Their latest venture borrows from a few other wrestling channels online, bringing a few of their talents together for a night of tabletop roleplaying. Dubbed Roleplay of Honor, the new series premieres this coming Saturday night, with a quartet of wrestlers taking part, including:

Beer City Bruiser as Maynard the Malt-maker, a mountain dwarf cleric
Brawler Milonas as Ander the Goliath Barbarian with his great axe
Cheeseburger as Santi the Bard with his blonde wig and popular singing skills
Joe Hendry as Mega the Successful half-elf Bard
Session Moth Martina as Thia as the flirtatious half-elf wizard-thief

The fun starts at 7 PM Eastern time on the promotion’s official YouTube page. You can go to the scheduled premiere and set a reminder for when it’s airing if you so choose. In addition, you can also check out everything else ROH has been posting, including Dalton Castle hanging out with his cat!

This sure is going to be a weird period to look back on when wrestling returns.

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