Rikishi Shoots on his heel flip in WWE | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Rikishi Shoots on his heel flip in WWE | Wrestling Shoot Interview
On this Wrestling Shoots video Rikishi talks about his heel flip in WWE. He turned out to be the one which ran over Stone Cool Steve Austin with a automobile as he did it for the Rock and he did it for the opposite folks.

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My AEW Wrestler says this plugin is orderly! #1 is i didn't you realize i turned into scorching at the time as a long way as a toddler face um i didn't gaze match that it turned into a correct kind time for me to flip heel and also i didn't just like the trend that they had returned right here i didn't wish to play the bustle automobile .

the trend that they had written that out they they had like two varied writers uh roughly write that out for me the total interview turned into written the total manner down to the enamel and i had to quiet down there and roughly memorize this long as .

Long as uh uh engaging kind of interview you train me so they wanted you to notify the exact phrases they weren't gonna enable you yeah yeah situation off you realize all over again these are my i wasn't the form of man that does promos so they roughly written every little thing out and had me lope over and over .

Yeah they correct kind bought you realize i turned into roughly sick #1 i wasn't feeling it number two so whenever you're unhappy or one thing you're now now not going to possess you ever're all into it you realize so nonetheless for them the the response i bought that evening from the crowd turned into .

It turned into very to me disappointing is due to you realize i took me non-public without my my my uh character due to it turned into the most as a lot as this level character that i've ever had in uh in wwe and for them that i be pleased like they tried to sabotage it turned into correct kind .

roughly tousled i mean nonetheless hi there i played ball and i did what i had to raise out to to to defend it at that stage did you now now not lower than think per chance that due to it turned into an austin perspective that this would possess legs that might perhaps per chance well presumably raise you in a main tournament successfully i turned into you successfully that .

Became the #1 thing why i think i went ahead and did that is due to i turned into uh i turned into promised in a manner that i turned into gonna pair off to raise out an perspective with rock parallel to raise out an perspective with stone cool period off to raise out an perspective with triple h down the line as he turns so longevity intellectual i'm having a see at a .

Moderately correct kind enviornment for the subsequent you realize a pair years and uh it didn't discontinuance up that manner you realize and all over again these are the things that segment of the wrestling alternate don't think turned into told to us when they recount you due to till it occurs you realize .

So when i did that now now not only they took my fan deplorable away nonetheless they roughly gave the character did you ever remark any of that to me the triple h or events or oh yeah i did okay and that's one other thing too is uh they roughly don't like other folks they roughly stand as a lot as them like that you simply realize nonetheless all over again you perceive it's only .

You having a see out to your self and dealing out the game you realize due to this complete deal is exactly what it is i correct kind desired to allow them to know that i knew what they had been doing
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Rikishi Shoots on his heel flip in WWE | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Rikishi Shoots on his heel turn in WWE | Wrestling Shoot Interview