Ridge Holland Takes Indefinite Break from WWE NXT, Natalya Makes Surprise Appearance

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Ridge Holland appeared on this week’s episode of WWE NXT to announce that he’s stepping away from the ring.

After trying to find redemption amid his reputation for being dangerous in the ring, the WWE NXT Superstar said he’s been a “step off” as of late and doesn’t want to risk hurting himself or someone else. Due to this, he says he’s “going home” to be with his family for the time being. As he left the ring, a “Thank You Ridge” chant broke out.

Holland has since been moved to the “Alumni” section of WWE.com.

Also on this week’s episode of WWE NXT, Natalya appeared to answer Lola Vice’s open challenge. In the end, Natalya picked up the win with some help with Karmen Petrovic, who has been feuding with Vice as of late.

You can check out some highlights from the match below:

Ridge Holland Steps Away from WWE NXT Ring

In a surprising turn of events, Ridge Holland, a prominent WWE NXT Superstar, announced on this week’s episode of WWE NXT that he will be stepping away from the ring. The announcement came as a shock to fans and fellow wrestlers alike, as Holland has been trying to redeem himself in the eyes of the wrestling world.

Holland, known for his intense and sometimes dangerous in-ring style, expressed his concerns about potentially hurting himself or someone else. He stated that he has been feeling like he needs to take a step back and prioritize his well-being. As a result, he made the decision to “go home” and spend time with his family for the time being.

As Holland left the ring, a heartwarming “Thank You Ridge” chant broke out, showing the appreciation and support from the WWE NXT community. It is clear that Holland has made an impact during his time in the promotion, and fans are grateful for his contributions.

Following his announcement, WWE.com moved Holland to the “Alumni” section, indicating that he will no longer be an active competitor in WWE NXT. This move further solidifies his decision to take a break from professional wrestling.

Meanwhile, in other WWE NXT news, Natalya made a surprise appearance on this week’s episode to answer Lola Vice’s open challenge. With some assistance from Karmen Petrovic, who has been involved in a feud with Vice, Natalya emerged victorious in the match. The encounter showcased the talent and athleticism of both competitors, leaving fans impressed with their performance.

The WWE NXT Twitter account shared highlights from the match, generating excitement among wrestling enthusiasts. The clips demonstrated the intensity and skill displayed by Natalya and Vice during their showdown.

While Ridge Holland’s departure from the ring may disappoint fans who have enjoyed watching his matches, it is crucial to prioritize the health and safety of wrestlers. Taking a break from the demanding world of professional wrestling can provide an opportunity for Holland to heal, recharge, and potentially return stronger than ever.

As the wrestling community eagerly awaits updates on Holland’s future in the industry, fans can continue to enjoy the thrilling matches and storylines that WWE NXT has to offer. Natalya’s surprise appearance and victory against Lola Vice serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling and the excitement it brings to fans worldwide.

In the meantime, let us show our support for Ridge Holland as he takes this necessary break and wishes him well in his future endeavors.