Riddle Thinks He Could ‘Redeem’ Goldberg And Have A Magical Match With Him

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Riddle Thinks He Could ‘Redeem’ Goldberg And Have A Magical Match With Him

matt riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

Riddle recently spoke with BT Sport and discussed his history with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg. The two stars have clashed a few times, and they even had a heated confrontation backstage at one point. In the interview, Riddle emphasized that he wants to have a match with Goldberg, and he thinks he could “redeem” the former WWE Universal Champion. Here are some highlights:

Riddle: “The only way I could get Goldberg in a ring with me is if it was like he just gets to murder me. And I have to let him, like I have to let him do it because he couldn’t do it in real life. I think he would agree to get in the ring with me if I just promised to just let him beat me up. My goal is I would love to have a sweet match with him. I think I’m good enough where I could do it, and I think redeem him completely.”

“And I’m not even saying win, I don’t have to win. I’m not that guy, not that guy. I’m all about the quality of the work so hey, if we can make quality work and you would be willing to you know, listen to what I have to say, and I’ll listen to what you have to say, I will. But I think it could be magical, and I think the fans would eat it up.”

“The guy really doesn’t like me and you know what, I really don’t like his work, to be fair. But I get it. He’s got a presence just like I have a presence…. If he wants to come and play, I’m here.”

"The only way I could get @Goldberg in a ring with me is if he gets to murder me, and I HAVE to let him. He couldn't do it in real life."

"The guy doesn't like me, I don't like his work!"@SuperKingofBros talking about his 'Bro' for 2:33 is everything you hoped it would be 😂 pic.twitter.com/GMjrjquslW

— WWE on BT Sport (@btsportwwe) December 9, 2020

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