Riddle On Randy Orton’s Absence: I Think He Needed To Recharge His Batteries, I Can’t Wait To See Him Again

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Riddle On Randy Orton’s Absence: I Think He Needed To Recharge His Batteries, I Can’t Wait To See Him Again

matt riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

Riddle is determined to win the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match in honor of his missing tag team partner, Randy Orton.

Ahead of the pay-per-view on Sunday, “The Original Bro” appeared on WWE’s The Bump and described how he’s excited for the show. He also stated that he hopes to get a chant going in recognition of “The Viper, as it would give him additional fuel in his mission to climb up the ladder.

“I’m really excited, and I’m really excited to do this kind of a match in front of a live audience because that’s what these matches are for, you know, for the intense reactions to car crashes and wrecks,” said Riddle. “I feel good, I think I’m gonna bring it home to Randy.”

“I know at the end of the day, I have to get myself up that ladder,” said Riddle. “The fans are gonna be there helping out, of course, probably chanting “Bro.” I know Randy’s not here, but I’d really like to get that “Randy, Randy” chant going because I feel like if I got that going, then that would get me up the ladder.”

As for Orton’s ongoing absence, Riddle acknowledged some [non-televised] “sightings” of “The Viper.” But he then shared his belief that Orton just needs to recharge for a bit. Riddle also made it clear that RKBro is sticking together because he’s committed to his partnership with Orton.

“There’s been some sightings, he’s been out, he’s been training, he’s been working out,” said Riddle. “I think he just needed to recharge the battery, get the juice back up and right now, the only message I have for Randy is, Bro, I miss you, can’t wait to see you again in person and [I’m] not gonna let you down.

“I think the big thing is, most people give up on relationships pretty early. They don’t stay committed, and with me and Randy, it’s through thick and thin. You know, he’s gonna have a couple bad days, maybe a couple bad weeks. Hey, I might have a couple bad days and be down on my luck. I’m there to pick him up and I know when I’ve needed him, he’s always there to pick me up, bro. So with this relationship, people can say what they want, but they don’t understand it, and that’s their loss.”

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