Riddick Moss Reflects On Injury Scare At WWE Elimination Chamber 2022

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Riddick Moss had a terrifying moment in his Falls Count Anywhere match against Drew McIntyre at the WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 pay-per-view event, and he recalled the injury scare on a recent edition of the “Not Sam Wrestling” podcast.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his immediate reaction to the moment: “I get conflicted on this because, in a sense, there is part of me that is proud going on with that and toughing it out, but at the same time, I don’t want to paint the picture that it’s good to push through concussions if you do have one or a serious injury. If it is serious, you have to stop. If I had known how bad it looked, maybe it’s different. I knew it didn’t go properly, obviously. Immediately, I was totally with it, the ref came over and said, ‘Are you good?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘You sure?’ We went outside the ring and 45 seconds later, Drew is throwing me over the table, and I heard Corey Graves say, ‘I don’t how Madcap is walking right now.’ ‘Maybe it was a little worse than I thought.’

“I got backstage and doctors and producers were saying, ‘Let’s go look at it, are you sure you’re okay?’ ‘I’m fine.’ They brought me up to Gorilla, in high definition, super slow motion, frame by frame, they showed me the replay, and I saw my neck crunch. I was like, ‘Well, let’s go look at that. That does not look good.’ Thankfully, I escaped with just a sore neck for a few days. I pride myself on being prepared physically and mentally, and I like to think I have some level of toughness to keep going, but it’s a bit conflicting. I love toughness and admire toughness, but I wouldn’t want to tell people to push through serious injury and put themselves at further risk.”

On if he wanted to play it up more at the time: “Yes. There was part of me that wanted to tweet that night and play it up like, ‘You’re damn right I did that,’ but we’re in this feud with Drew McIntyre and that’s his character. I’m a clown in suspenders. I can’t be the tough clown in suspenders. We had to be careful, not too careful, because it’s easy with Drew and he is so good in his own right, he could easily overcome any respect that Madcap gained. I think we played it right the next week where we shifted the heat towards Corbin [Baron Corbin] where he was supposed to have a match towards Drew and he was like, ‘Madcap, you got it, you’re fine.’ It’s something you think about. You hate when stuff like that happens, but when it happens, try to use it if it makes sense, but you have to use it in a way that does make sense.”

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