Ricochet Explains Why He’ll Never Join Retribution

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Ricochet Explains Why He’ll Never Join Retribution


Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Mustafa Ali has been trying to recruit Ricochet to join Retribution for some time now, but despite his many efforts, it seems as if the superstar is dead set on not joining the group. Speaking to WWE in a backstage interview, Ricochet doubled down on his commitment to not join the group, no matter what happens.

After losing to Ali during the last episode of Monday Night RAW, Ricochet explained his decision for not wanting to join Retribution, saying that even though things need to change, the change must start with him, and not with him joining Retribution. He goes on to say that Mustafa Ali wasn’t strong enough to hold on to his convictions, but that doesn’t mean he can try and make Ricochet change his own. Ricochet ends things by saying that this is just the start, but seems very adamant that he’ll never be joining Retribution, regardless of how much Ali or anyone else may want him to.

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