Ricochet Defends Rey Mysterio’s Honor, Defeats Cesaro

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Ricochet Defends Rey Mysterio’s Honor, Defeats Cesaroricochet

On WWE RAW this week, Ricochet challenged Cesaro to a match. The Swiss Superman had just defended Brock Lesnar’s decision to attack both Rey Mysterio and Dominic earlier in the show and Ricochet defended Rey’s honor.

He's a real-life superhero, and this is why.#RAW @KingRicochet pic.twitter.com/7GiokHJFxl

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) October 1, 2019

Ricochet quickly dropped Cesaro with a dropkick but Cesaro used his power to counter Ricochet’s athleticism. A dive to the outside gave Ricochet the momentum again. Cesaro caught Ricochet and planted him with a backbreaker. A European Uppercut rocked WWE’s resident superhero and a stiff knee to the head floored him, too. Ricochet nailed a springboard hurricanrana for the win.

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